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Hamilton Couple Takes Home a CA$1M Maxmillion

This week, Canada learned the name of another local lottery millionaire. Just as 2022 is wrapping up, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that Cuong Khai Ha and Wei Yan from Hamilton have won a CA$1,000,000 prize in Lotto Max play this fall. The two recently cashed out their windfall at an OLG office.

Lotto Max is a vastly popular draw-based game in Canada which offers one of the largest cash prizes in the country. Its main jackpot can reach the whooping CA$70,000,000, and once it passes the CA$50 million mark, there are several Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. This was the case for the Hamilton couple who managed to snatch one of those in the fall of 2022.

Sharing Details on their Win

The married couple recently showed up at an OLG office to claim their hefty prize and share more on how they won the Maxmillion prize. Their win dates back to the October 11, 2022 draw of Lotto Max, when they decided to buy a ticket for the game. After the end of the round, the Hamilton pair checked their numbers on the OLG App only to find that they have won CA$1,000,000.

The couple who plays the lottery together commented that it was difficult to describe the winning feeling and that they were more than pleased to discover the news. Cuong added that the prizemoney will make their life less stressful as they would not have to worry about their finances for the foreseeable future and will be able to enjoy life.

Before appearing at the OLG Prize Centre, the duo took their time in claiming the money, as their winning dates back to October 11, 2022. Now, with the prize, they plan to put some of the money into savings and use some of it to cover their mortgage. Their winning ticket was purchased at a Shell Select on Appleby Line in Burlington, Ontario.

Memorable 2022 Lotto Max Winners

And as another calendar year soon comes to an end, it should be noted that in 2022 Canadian lottery players have bagged some hefty payouts in Lotto Max throughout the year. Several of the game’s maximum jackpot of CA$70,000,000 were claimed during the year. One of those went to Calgary business owner Mitchel Dyck who won the payout in November.

Mr. Dyck’s winning of a life-changing CA$70 million jackpot is by far the largest lottery win in the history of Alberta. The father of two shared that he is a regular lottery player and upon realizing that he won the mega prize he drove to St. Albert and put the ticket in a safe-deposit box. He also revealed plans for a Christmas holiday with his loved ones and investing in his children’s future.

Quebec has also seen a fair share of lottery winnings in 2022 and the province also become home to a winner of a CA$70,000,000 main prize. The name of winner is Marcel Lussier who claimed his windfall in the summer. Interestingly enough the Brossard local used to work for Hydro-Québec and worked at the same building where he claimed his prizemoney.

Source: Silvestre, Irish Mae ““This will make things less stressful for us”: Couple celebrates $1M lottery win” Daily Hive, December 29, 2022