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Albertan Scores Largest Lotto Max Win in the Province

Once again, a Canadian lottery player has been transformed into a lottery multi-millionaire by playing Lotto Max. On Monday, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission reported that Calgary business owner Mitchel Dyck has won the stunning CA$70,000,000 in Lotto Max. His major winning is the largest Lotto Max one in the history of Alberta, said AGLC.

As most Canadians most likely already know, Lotto Max is a draw-based game which offers a life-changing jackpot of up to CA$70 million. Draws for the game are held on Tuesday and Friday every week. Tickets for the game can be purchased at one of the numerous retail locations across the country or online depending on one’s province of residence.

A Surreal Experience

Mr. Dyck who is a father of two shared more about his exciting win. He noted that he is a regular lottery player and he buys tickets usually when he fills up his truck for his landscaping business. At the end of October, he bought a ticket spontaneously and to his surprise, three weeks later the said ticket displayed a CA$70-million figure as a winning.

He explained that the experience was very surreal for him, and he immediately started thinking about how he could help his family. But before confirming the winning with AGLC, he drove to St. Albert and put the ticket in a safe-deposit box. He emphasized that winning is an enormous amount of money which would help his family massive but does not want the money to change them.

The winner also shared that he always wanted to drive a fancy vehicle or live in a fancy house. But for now, with the windfall, Mr. Dyck plans to take his loved ones on a nice Christmas holiday and take some off days. Also, with the money, he wants to secure his children’s future and play for their education.

VP of Gaming for AGLC, Dan Keene, stated that the Lotto Max win is the largest one in Alberta. He claimed that Mr. Dyck’s winning is not just for one individual but for all of Alberta. This is due to the fact that lottery proceeds go to the general revenue fund, which is used to support many programs and services that Albertans rely on every day.

More Major Lotto Max Winners in 2022

It is safe to say that over the course of 2022, Canadian lottery players bagged some hefty rewards via Lotto Max. The first major win of the game was announced early in January when 54-year-old Manoharan Ponnuthurai won an amazing CA$70 million windfall. The Brampton local saw his luck change in the December 17 2021 draw and it was Quick Pick that brought him the major prize.

Then in the summer, Marcel Lussier Brossard, Quebec, also joined the list of grand lottery winners as he also claimed a CA$70 million jackpot in Lotto Max. The former Hydro-Québec employee shared that he planned to treat himself and his wife and go on a cruise together since their previous vacation was cancelled.

Source: Short, Dylan “Calgary landscape operator wins $70M Lotto Max, plans a Christmas vacationCalgary Herald, November 22, 2022