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NY Heads the Charts in Online Betting on the NFL Season

New York is once again leading to U.S. as its mobile sports betting market has recorded the largest amount of wagering volume on the first NFL week. According to the latest report from GeoComply, more than 103 million geolocation checks were conducted in the country for the first set of NFL games, with over 15.7 million or 15.2% coming from the Empire State.

The state’s online sports betting market quickly transformed into the largest one of the regulated ones in the U.S. after its launch in January 2022. A total of nine digital sportsbooks are allowed to operate in the jurisdiction. Since its launch it has generated the largest online handle in the country, with it already surpassing the hefty US$10 billion in accepted online wagers on sports.

Leading the Way

This year after the first week of the NLF season, the U.S. confirmed a record-setting number of geolocation verifications across its regulated markets with 103.1 million. It must be noted that for the same round last year, checks hit 60.1 million, said GeoComply. Out of the 103.1 million, the largest volume was recorded by the Empire State with 15.7 million or 15.2%.

The enormous difference or surge in online betting activity can be explained by the introduction of several new regulated mobile sports betting markets in the country over the last year. The boom in wagers equals a 71% increase over the first NFL week from last year. And according to GeoComply, this includes all 15 games played from Thursday through Sunday evening.

Geolocation is the process of checking one’s identity and physical location when trying to bet online on a sportsbook or a website. GeoComply is one of the leaders in this, and the company operates in numerous markets. By confirming the location, jurisdictions make sure that the bettor is within the state’s borders, while also providing protection from fraud for users.

Reports confirm that New York had the largest amount of geolocation traffic for the first round of the NFL from September 8 through 11 with 15.3%. Pennsylvania was a close second with 14.8%, followed by New Jersey with 13.1% and Michigan with 9.4%. Then Illinois with 7.8%, Arizona with 7.0%, Virginia with 5.9% and Indiana with 4.6%.

Dreaming Big

Now, as the state is embracing its first full NFL season after the legalization of its online sports betting market, it expects to clear more milestones in the upcoming 12 months. Executive Director of the New York State Gaming Commission, Rob Williams believes that the jurisdiction could generate up to US$500 million in revenue thanks to the 2022-2023 football season.

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