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A CA$55M Lotto Max Jackpot is Up for Grabs

Canadian lotteries have recently informed that this Tuesday’s Lotto Max draw did assign a winner to its multi-million jackpot of CA$50 million. However, players should not get discouraged as quite soon they will have another shot at the hefty prize. But this time it will grow to the even more appealing CA$55 million in the next draw.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery game that annually brings in hundreds of millions in cash prizes to its players across Canada. It has a mind-blowing maximum jackpot of CA$70,000,000, and once the main prize passes CA$50,000,000, it comes with several Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. Every week lottery players have two chances to grab some of its windfalls as there are two draws.

Main Prize Grows Larger

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Lotto Max held one of its weekly draws, but unfortunately for all participants, there was no winning ticket for the grand prize of CA$50,000,000. Therefore, for the next draw, the payout will grow to the attractive CA$55,000,000. The next round for the fan-favorite game is scheduled for Friday, May 13, 2022, meaning tickets can still be bought.

In addition to the CA$50 million prize, Tuesday’s draw came with two Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. However, no ticket holders from the country managed to win them either. Since both CA$1 million windfalls remain unclaimed they will be transferred to the Friday round, meaning that there will be now four of the prizes available to win.

Over the recent weeks, Canadians have cashed out some hefty payouts from Lotto Max. For instance, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation revealed that Saskatchewan resident has won the mind-boggling CA$70 million from an April 1, 2022 raffle. The name of the winner is Dale McEwen who got his winning ticket from Alberta while heading to B.C. for a ski trip.

Earlier this year, the 56-year-old Patrick Hale has also joined the club of Canadian lotto multi-millionaires, as he won a sizeable CA$30 million from Lotto Max. His ticket was drawn as the winning one during the February 4, 2022 draw. He found out about the major payout after waking at 6 in the morning and starting to check his tickets, and eventually matched the winning combo.

Maxmillion Prize Split

However, that is not all, as this week the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that a man from Napanee is now CA$500,000 richer due to his participation in a Lotto Max round. The name of the lucky winner is James ‘Vince’ Prout and he is a veteran lottery player who has been playing since 1976, before finally cashing out big this year.

His Lotto Max ticket was randomly drawn as one of the winning ones for the CA$1 million Maxmillion prize in the April 1, 2022 raffle. After claiming his cheque at an OLG office, the retiree shared that he plans on using some of the money into home renovations as well as putting another portion of it into investment for his children and grandchildren. His life-changing ticket was acquired at the Munroe’s General Store on County Road 2 in Napanee.

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