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Toronto Man Wins CA$30M in Lotto Max Draw

Last week, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that the province has found its newest lottery multi-millionaire. The name of the latest winner from the province is Patrick Hale, and the 56-year-old building supervisor from Toronto has won the amazing CA$30 million from a life-changing Lotto Max draw last month.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery game with two draws every week, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday. Every year Ontarians win hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars in cash prizes through the game, which has a maximum jackpot of CA$70 million. Tickets for the draws are available at retail locations and online on

The Big Winner

After claiming his enormous cheque, Mr. Hale shared some more details on his life-changing winnings from the February 4 2022 draw. He recalls that it was 6 in the morning when he started checking the numbers on his tickets, and as he matched the numbers with the winning ones, he realized that he had won the lottery.

Immediately after discovering the windfall, he proceeded to wake up his wife to break her the news, but initially, she did not believe him. He described the winning feeling as he was in a state of daze or numbness, and he also admitted that it was a humbling experience for him, when he told his friend and family the news,

The Toronto winner said that it was overwhelming for him to have CA$30 million in his bank account, but he plans on speaking with several financial advisors who would provide him with the needed guidance on how to spend it. One of his first ideas is to use the funds in a way that would be able to help others in need.

As for himself and his family, he plans on traveling across the country and pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an inventor. He noted that he already has some concepts in his mind that he wishes to bring to life and create some tools which would make life easier and the world a better place. He is hopeful that there will be some patents to his name in the future.

One More Toronto big Winner

Recently, the OLG has also informed that a Lotto 6/49 ticket worth CA$21 million has been won by an Ontario ticket holder. The Crown agency further clarified that the name of the lucky winner is still unknown but they reside in the Kawartha Lakes region. The winner has up to 52 weeks to contact the agency and book an appointment to claim their hefty prize.

CA$20 Jackpot Goes to Sask

Last month, Canada witnessed one more major Lotto Max winning as the Western Canada Lottery Corporation revealed that a CA$20 million Lotto Max windfall has gone to a single ticket holder in Saskatchewan. The winner was recorded in the February 15 draw of the game, and their winning combination is 19, 26, 28, 36, 40, 42, 48, and 6 as a bonus number.

Source: Bianchini, Elisabetta “Lotto Max $30 million winner: Toronto building supervisor wins massive jackpot — and his wife ‘didn’t believe’ him”, Yahoo Sports, March 11, 2022