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New Yorker Snatches a US$10 Million Lotto Prize Again

According to the latest reports from the New York Lottery, the Empire State has just found its newest lottery multi-millionaire from US$10,000,000 Deluxe. The name of the winner is Juan Hernandez, and his story is a special one as the Nassau County resident has won the staggering amount of US$10,000,000 million for the second time in the space of just three years.

The lottery’s US$10,000,000 Deluxe is a quite popular scratch-off game among New Yorkers, and as the name implies it offers a grand jackpot of US$10 million. The ticket costs US$30 and comes with some great odds and many cash rewards. Locals can check the status of their tickets by downloading the Game Report on the lottery’s official web portal.

Still Spending the Previous Prize

After arriving to claim his cheque, Mr. Hernandez shared that this was the second time he had won US$10,000,000 from the New York Lottery. His first winning dates back from 2019 when won the same amount of cash but from a US$350,000,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. This February his luck paid off in the US$10,000,000 Deluxe.

Mr. Hernandez said that he is still trying to spend the US$10 million from his 2019 winning, and now the Uniondale resident has US$10 million more to his name. His recent winning ticket was purchased at the Stop & Shop located at 150 Fulton Ave. in Hempstead. The winner received his prize as a single lump sum payment of US$6,510,000 after the required withholdings.

According to the New York Lottery, scratch-off games have generated a total of US$4,231,742,980 in sales for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Out of which, schools from Nassau County have received US$176,051,834 in Lottery Aid to Education funds for the same fiscal year, thus providing valuable funds to help the support for the education sector in the Empire State.

The New York Lottery is the largest and most profitable lottery entity in the whole of the United State. And for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, it contributed over US$3.59 billion to education in the state. In addition to that, the organization also offers help to its players via gambling addiction programs and advises anyone who knows or experiences such problems to contact them.

Previous Winners

Due to the size and player activity in the New York lottery industry, the state has seen many multi-million winners through the years. For instance, back in January 2019, a Long Island local won the mind-blowing US$425 million from a Mega Millions draw. The winning numbers were 34-44-57-62-70 with the Mega Ball 14 and the mega prize went to the lucky resident of the Town of Oyster Bay.

New Kind of Promotion

As New Yorkers are big fans of lottery games, in the summer of 2021, the local government introduced its Vax & Scratch promotion. This campaign was launched in order to incentivize getting the jab for the unprecedented situation and reward some people for it with huge cash prizes. The promotion had a US$5 million top prize for one lucky winner.