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Someone in Long Island Snatched the Mega Millions $425 Million on New Year’s Day

Around this time of the year more and more people decide they would try their luck and experience something new, such as participating in some of the major lottery games in North America. As it turns out, lotteries also appear to be more generous, as confirmed by the most recent Mega Millions draw which is more than lucky for a player in New York, now eligible for a windfall of $425 million.

Lottery games and scratch-off tickets are considered a less harmful form of gambling which is the main reason why adults even go so far as to purchase them for stocking fillers. Lottery companies across many Canadian provinces, as well as American states, condemn this practice, but nevertheless, it still occurs.

Individuals of legal age are more prone to participating in lottery games in the season of giving and one Long Island resident is now more than thankful for their decision to purchase a Mega Millions ticket.

Mega Millions Jackpot Brightens Someone’s 2019

The lucky numbers in the January 1 draw were 34-44-57-62-70 with the Mega Ball 14. One player having purchased a ticket at Brookville Auto Service in the Town of Oyster Bay is now well on their way to claim the impressive jackpot, the first day of this year was more than generous to them. The location is expected to become a hotspot in the upcoming weeks, as it has the potential to bring impressive cash prizes to those interested.

This information is publicly available thanks to the New York Lottery’s extensive database and anyone interested could have a detailed look and learn more about the prize winners. The Mega Ball demonstrates how a single number could significantly change one’s life and financial state. The consolation prize for those who had matched all winning numbers but not the Mega Ball amounts to $1,000,000.

There are three individuals now eligible for the million dollars prize, as they have only five numbers matching the drawn ones. For the players who played with the Megaplier, the prizes are even larger. An individual from Pennsylvania who played with it is now eligible for the second-place prize. Because they matched all five of the winning numbers, a windfall of $4,000,000 awaits them now thanks to the additional Megaplier.

Powerball Was Also Generous to a Brooklyn Player

If the winner of this large jackpot prefers to instantly bag the money in cash, this is going to equal some $254.6 million. However, it should be pointed out that the first day of the year is indeed lucky for many Mega Ball players since this is the fifth time a jackpot is hit on January 1. The Christmas season was generous for Powerball players as well, as December 26 was a very special one for a Brooklyn player.

The single winning ticket guaranteed one player who had purchased it at the East New York at the Arnold Service Station on Linden Boulevard is worth $298.3 million and could bring the winner immediate windfall of $180.2 million. Both recent winners have exactly a year to bag their prizes, or else they will be deprived of this opportunity.