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Waterloo Police Busts Illegal Gambling Den

The Waterloo police department has most recently reported that it has busted an illegal gambling den in Kitchener, Ontario. The officers have performed a warrant and have found around CA$36,000 in cash, poker chips, as well as gaming machines while conducting the investigations. All of which has been seized, while the investigation is in progress now.

Gambling activities outside of provincially regulated or licensed entities are completely illegal. The said property is located on Ottawa Street South and Nyberg Street, and following a warrant the Waterloo police department discovered the unlawful gaming den, where a total of 18 people have been found out of which 17 were actively gambling, the police say.

Investigation Still Going

While searching the Kitchener property the police officers have found and seized a series of items used for unregulated gambling. This includes approximately CA$36,000 in cash, four electronic gaming machines, three gambling tables, around 500 poker chips which are roughly CA$10,000 in value. As well as two computers, cell phones, and surveillance equipment.

Additionally, the police report that a 51-year-old Kitchener man and 54-year-old Cambridge man will be now facing several charges in court. Including running an illegal gambling house, book-making, founding a gaming house, and possession of property obtained by crime. The RCMP added that even more charges will be pressed against the two men.

The Waterloo police department also shared that the investigation surrounding the illegal gambling den is still ongoing, which could mean even more charges for the two responsible men. Last but not least the police department urges everyone who has any information on the case to contact either them or Crime Stoppers.

Toronto Den

This has not been the first time that Ontario authorities have busted people for hosting an unlawful gaming house. For instance, almost a year ago, Toronto police raided a similar gaming den in the city. Officers responded to a call after an individual was seen carrying a fire-arm on Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West on the night of January 29, 2021

After arriving at the location and searching the property law enforcement that it has discovered 14 individuals actively gambling at the house. The individuals were taken into custody, and the police has found an enormous amount of cash at the site. On top of the illegal gambling charges, the 14 individuals were also charged for failing to comply with the then-healthy and safety protocols.

Operation Endgame

Back in July 2020, the Toronto police department conducted “Operation Endgame”, as the local policemen raided a 20,000-square-foot mansion in Markham. Upon searching the property, officers discovered CA$20,000 in cash, 11 firearms, slot machines and mahjong tables designed for high-rollers, and even a banking area, which facilitated the operations of the illegal casino den.

Source: Hill, Katherine “Poker chips, gaming machines, cash seized from Kitchener ‘gaming house’”, CTV News Kitchener, February 3, 2022