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High Roller Illegal CA$9-Million Gambling Den Busted near Toronto

Illegal casino welcoming high rollers was recently busted in Toronto, as it was confirmed by York Regional Police. The special operation called ‘Operation Endgame’ involved more than 100 policemen aiming to put an end to the illegal gambling operation in the 20,000-square-foot mansion in Markham.

When it comes to illegal gambling operation, its harmful impact on the provincial budget is considerable. The authorities had their eyes on the subject ever since May this year and this is when they started the investigation and preparation for the police raid. They aimed to locate the illegal gambling den and put an end to its daily operation. July 3 was the pinpointed date for the action to take place.

Multiple Police Raids

The first days of July saw the first phase of the police raid, taking place at a commercial unit in Markham. With the help of a search warrant, the policemen located numerous gaming tables, slot gaming devices, as well as upwards of CA$20,000 in cash available on the premises of the illegal gambling house. Five individuals were there during the raid and they were all arrested by the authorities.

Once this first phase was done, it was time for the second one on July 23. This is when the premium mansion in Markham was raided. The police officers discovered various gaming offerings available inside, aiming to attract a larger audience of high rollers. There were slot machines and mahjong tables up for grabs. The latter is especially popular among Chinese high rollers interested in winning big in Canada.

In addition to the gaming offerings available, the mansion also featured a bar with premium alcohol for the gambling enthusiasts making their way there. There was also a banking area available and facilitating the operation of the gaming den. For the people traveling from another area, the mansion also provided accommodation right there. The second floor offered rooms enhancing the stay of individuals.

Illegal Gaming Operaiton

The police raid resulted in the seizing of the entire mansion evaluated to some CA$9 million. On its premises, there were also some 11 guns. The cash located there amounted to some CA$1 million, whereas the top-shelf alcohol amounted to upwards of CA$1.5 million. The raid also located as many as 32 individuals on the premises of the mansion, they were all arrested.

This premium mansion also operated a spa and brought a variety of dishes and delicacies to its patrons interested in something new. The careful preparation for this operation resulted in a third raid, this time in Vaughan. This is where one of the individuals overseeing the illegal gambling den lives.

As a result of that third raid in July, upwards of CA$70,000 in cash was seized, there were three people on the premises of the residence at the time of the police raid. The operation continues with an extensive investigation of several other aspects, such as the alleged drug and sex trafficking that might have been taking place on the premises of the Markham mansion. Police officers charged the people arrested with upwards of 70 criminal offences.