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Lotto Max Grows Larger This Friday

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reports that there were not any winning tickets sold in the country for Tuesday’s Lotto Max draw. The main prize which was claimed last week, reset to its initial value of still impressive CA$10,000,000. Unfortunately for all lottery players, no one was able to claim it in the August 10 draw.

Lotto Max is a draw-based lottery game, where participants can win major prizes if guessing right all seven numbers drawn two times per week. The first draw is on Tuesdays and the second on Fridays. If not won the main prize grows bigger with each draw, and it can reach the mind-boggling amount of CA$70,000,000.

No Winner on Tuesday

According to information coming directly from the Crown agency, the Lotto Max jackpot remained intact in the Tuesday, August 10, 2021 draw of the game. After being claimed last week, the main prize returned to its initial value of CA$10 million, but unfortunately for all players participating in the draw, no ticket was drawn as the winning one for the huge prize.

The Crown corporation informs that the winning numbers for the CA$10,000,000 prize were 14, 18, 19, 32, 35, 38 & 41. Then, 27 was drawn as a bonus number. As it remains unclaimed the jackpot will now grow bigger for the next draw of the game on Friday, August 13, 2021. The main prize will be sitting at the CA$15 million mark.

Two Hamilton Winners

The OLG has also reported that a Hamilton construction worker and a Stoney Creek mother have won big from the lottery. The 30-year-old Carlos Saldarriaga Palacio is one of the three winners who will split a Maxmillion prize from Lotto Max. He is now CA$333,333 richer. Alice Jakubowski from Stoney Creek has also come across a generous prize as the woman wins CA$100,000 from the Encore game.

One Maxmillion Prize Goes to BC

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has recently cashed out a CA$1 million cheque to a BC lottery player. Randy Moore from Chilliwack become a winner of a Maxmillion prize as his ticket matched the winning numbers for the CA$1 million prize in the July 6 Lotto Max draw. The winner has some ideas in store for the major winning but the first one will be to retire early and enjoy retirement.

Last Week Lotto Max Winner

Last week, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed that an Ontarian is the next winner of the Lotto Max jackpot. The name of the winner is yet unknown, but his winnings will amount to approximately CA$34 million, thanks to his ticket being drawn as the winning one in the August 6 draw of the game. The winner is located somewhere in the Prairies.

Mega Prize Split

In June the Lotto Max jackpot reached its peak of CA$70,000,000. And after a several-week wait, two ticket holders from the country split the prize. In August, the OLG revealed 29-year old Ginno Torres from Toronto is the second winner of the main prize, claiming CA$35 million. His tickets along with a British Columbia ticket were randomly selected as winners of the major prize by fate in the June 22 draw.

Source: “Lotto Max winning numbers for Tuesday, August 10, 2021”, National Post, August 11, 2021