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Wondr Gaming Finds New Chief Strategy Officer

On August 10, 2021, Wondr Gaming Corporation has announced the arrival of the company’s next Chief Strategy Officer. The role will be now taken by prominent technology and media entrepreneur Max Desmarais, who is expected to bring invaluable experience to the company’s management department. The focus of the firm will be now directed at improving its Loyalty & Rewards, Media, and NFT business.

The company is a publicly-traded entertainment firm on the Canadian Securities Exchange and it establishes partnerships and develops community in the eSports, professional sports, and music world, through its loyalty & rewards, NFTs, and media services. The corporation generates revenue via its brand partnership hosted on its loyalty & rewards platform, plus the sale of NFTs focused on sports and eSports through direct sales.

Significant Appointment

Mike Cotton, President and COO of Wondr Gaming stated that the team is extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Desmarais aboard on the company’s path to becoming a globally recognized brand for entertainment. Mr. Cotton explained that Mr. Desmarais’ oversight and expertise in the field will prove crucial for the company’s growth and revenue strategies.

The COO of the firm continued his statement by asserting that Mr. Desmairais’ past relationships and experience with corporate partners, brands, athletes, and musicians will help greatly the company. According to him, with the mentioned experience the company will be able to introduce new, exciting, and premium products to its huge player base.

Mr. Desmarais himself has also said a few words about his new role. In his words, he is humbled and thrilled to be joining the entertainment company. He continued by saying that he is looking forward to contributing to the company’s international growth strategies. He is also excited to help out with the company’s cementing of its role in the Gaming and Entertainment industry.

Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO Wondr Gaming has also weighed in on the new assignment. In his opinion, the appointment of Mr. Desmarais will be instrumental to the company’s enhancement of Loyalty & Rewards and NFT business. He believes that the new Chief Strategy Officer will bring to the table global partnerships with brands and agencies to help out the company.

Growing eSports Scene

The sports and eSports gaming industry in North America and particularly in Canada is one of great potential growth. The industry continues to grow further as many eSports corporations are advancing in the field. Previously, the Canadian Gaming Association announced that Fandom Sports has become an official member of the association. This came at a great time for the virtual sports solutions provider as the company is hopeful to expand in the local market as single-sports betting should arrive soon.

Bill C-218 Importance

Single-sports betting could have enormous importance to the eSports gaming field as the change in the Criminal Code would provide the industry with an even greater variety for sports wagering. Real Luck Group and its subsidiary eSports company Luckbox have been huge advocates for the change. The companies believe that the introduction of the bill would greatly influence the eSports industry and help it fulfill its multi-million dollar potential.

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