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Canadian Gaming Association Unveils New Member

The Canadian Gaming Association has joined forces with a prominent eSports gaming provider and developer named Fandom Sports. The gaming entity is now an official member of the association, and its joining comes at a great time as Canada is on the verge of passing Bill C-218. The introduction of the legislation would revolutionize the country’s gaming scene and elevate sports and eSports wagering to another level.

The association is a nationwide trade organization that represents many of the gambling industry’s important operators and suppliers from the country. The association has numerous kinds of corporations under its wings such as gaming, sports betting, eSports, and lottery providers in both online and land-based form. The institution strives towards revolutionizing the country’s gambling field through researches, innovations, and studying practices.

Perfect Timing

David Vinokurov, CEO and President Fandom Sports has shared his thoughts on the company’s official inclusion into the Canadian Gaming Association. Speaking on behalf of the company he stated that the corporation is very proud to be joining the country’s gaming leaders while the gaming industry is preparing for the potential launch of single-event legalization.

He continued by saying that as a Canadian-based corporation with a suite of homemade technologies and tools, the company is in a great position to have a great influence on the local gaming markets. He also believes that the whole sector will be able to benefit from the provider’s gaming solution.

Fandom Sports is a company that provides an application for mobile devices for eSports solutions and products. The provider’s Unified Information Access platform is based on a private cloud with multilingual support and is targeted for a worldwide launch for the company’s betting eSports products. The company offers eSports entertainment to Super Fans via its specifically designed data interaction tool.

President of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns, has also shared a few words on the organization’s newest associate. He began his statement by saying that the association is more than happy to have the gaming eSports provider as a member and officially welcome the company. He continued by saying that the expected legalization of single-event wagering has the prospect of completely changing the country’s gambling scene.

Association’s Stance

Prior to that, the Canadian Gaming Association has advised the Senate to prioritize Bill C-218’s reading to other bills. The association is alarmed that while brick-and-mortar casino properties in Canada remain closed, gamblers will continue to pour money into offshore gaming sites. Additionally, the organization started an online campaign in favor of the bill called #bettersportsbetting.

Senate Progress

This week Bill C-218 has officially passed its second hearing in the Senate and it will be heading for a report in the Senate’s standing committee. Saskatchewan senator Brent Cotter has recently voted his backing for the legislation, as he believes that since most operators demand it, there would be no significant backsides to it. In fact, it could lead to reducing the number of compulsive gambling cases since the bill would be now officially regulated.

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