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Senate Should Accelerate Bill C-218 Verdict, Association Prompts

The subject of the legalization of single-sports wagering in Canada continues to be a hot topic in the country. Recently the Canadian Gaming Association has advised the Senate to accelerate the process of reviewing Bill C-218 as it was introduced last week. The commission is alarmed that with the closure of land-based casino properties Canadian gamblers will continue to offload money into offshore platforms.

The introduction of single-game betting in the country is a heavily expected one. Currently, gamblers have to bet on parlay bets in order to wager on their desired event and guess the outcome of several games instead of one. It is believed that the change in gambling law will enable the country to revolutionize its gaming scene and catch up with its neighbors.


The Canadian Gaming Association has voiced its concerns that during the lockdown hours and the lack of land-based casino properties, gamblers will continue to pour millions of dollars into offshore gambling websites instead of the revenue being used for provincial support. Starting this week, the association has started a campaign called #bettersportsbetting in order to support the introduction of individual sporting bets.

The bill that legalizes single-sports betting has already had plenty of support among stakeholders. Previously, the bill was reviewed and approved by the House of Commons, and the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights heard from Zane Hansen, President & CEO of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, Jerry Dias, National President, UNIFOR, Shelley White, CEO, Responsible Gambling Council, Paul Melia, President & CEO, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, and David Shoemaker, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee.

President & CEO of the association Paul Burn stated that Bill C-218 will provide the country’s provinces with the opportunity to offer regulated and safer sports betting products to gamblers and sports fans. He added that provinces will also impose stricter regulatory protocols on responsible gambling, age and identity verification, and measures to prevent match-fixing.

The association believes that the bill is now even closer to becoming reality and Crown corporations and stakeholders will provide a better gambling experience with it. The organization thanked the Senators for their work and the serious attention they are giving the bill, and the association is looking forward to seeing the bill cross the finish line.

Debut in the Senate

Last week the bill was officially introduced to the Senate and its sponsor is Conservative Sen. David Wells. Before reaching the committee, the legislation must first pass a chamber vote, said Mr. Wells. He also added that he will make sure that all of his colleagues completely understand the bill and its ramifications before it comes to the official voting.

Major Support

Along with the many other supporters for the gambling, change is the British Columbia Lottery Corporation which is a major advocate of the proposed legislation. The Crown agency believes that the introduction of Bill C-218 will grant gamblers with bigger freedom when it comes to wagering on sports. Additionally, the Crown projects that the implementation of the bill would bring over CA$175 million to the province of B.C.

Source: “Canadian Gaming Association Urges Ongoing Quick Action by Senate on Bill C-218”, Globe Newswire, May 10, 2021