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Catch the Ace Lotto in Russell Makes its Return

Russell lottery fans are in for a treat as the Catch the Ace game has officially made its comeback this Sunday. The draw-based game was put on hold in April due to concerns regarding the spread of the unprecedented situation and now is back in full force. The jackpot now stands at an impressive amount of CA$335,000.

Catch the Ace is an improvement on the classic lotto game sponsored by the Kin Club of Russell, with tickets available in physical and digital form. The draw-based game has a weekly draw set on Sundays, and part of its revenue is used for the support of many local charity organizations such as the Winchester District Memorial Hospital for example.

Special Kind of Offering

The raffle lottery has officially returned this last weekend, after its pause, and the jackpot for the Sunday draw estimated to around CA$335,000. The draw is held on a weekly basis every Sunday at 3:15 p.m. However, this week the jackpot has remained unclaimed, thus the main prize will be getting bigger for the next Sunday’s draw.

The ticket for the game costs CA$5 available in land-based retailers and on the official website of the draw-based game. This charity fundraising game is a progressive, multi-draw raffle lotto offering, the winner of each draw has the possibility of selecting one card from a 52-card playing deck, which determines the total winning that he or she will receive from the draw.

If the winner is lucky enough to select the Ace of Spades, he will receive the accumulating progressive jackpot, in addition to its initial win percentage from the weekly draw. If the selected card is not the Ace of Spade, then it is removed from the game, and the progressive jackpot is transferred to the next draw.

The popular lotto game provides plenty of financing to local charitable groups, as 50% of the accumulated revenue is devoted to charity. Then, 20% of the total is set for the weekly draw prize, and 30% goes into the progressive jackpot prize. Starting from this week, the draw-based game has officially returned in Russell and the draw can be watched live on Russell Kin Club’s Facebook page.

Deep River Winner

Back in 2019, one player has won a major prize from Ontario’s Catch the Ace game, with Mark McEachen winning over CA$547,002.50. His ticket was supporting the Deep River and District Hospital equipment upgrade initiative and he has purchased it at the Bear’s Den Lounge and Motel. The idea behind the game to support local organizations has seen the lotto offering gather a hefty player base on its side.

Veteran Club Support

Again in 2019, the special lottery game has collaborated with the Royal Canadian Legion branch located in Mitchell, to gather some funds for the latter. A portion of the revenue from the tickets was used as support for the legion that helps out former military troops, Royal Canadian Mounted, provincial and municipal police, Royal Canadian Air, Army, and Sea Cadets Police

Source: Deachman, Bruce  “Catch the Ace lottery resumes in Russell after COVID-19 pause”, Ottawa Citizen, June 4, 2021