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Player Hits CA$547K Catch the Ace Jackpot, Supports Deep River Hospital Upgrade

Catch the Ace is among the most popular progressive jackpot raffles in Ontario that has the potential to award not only the players participating in it, but also financially support a good cause. This Thursday was a special one for Mark McEachen from Douglas who became the fortunate player bagging the jackpot reaching CA$547,002.50. His lucky ticket supported the Deep River and District Hospital equipment upgrade.

The raffle is a preferred one among players from across Ontario as it gives them the chance to bag a cash prize while helping a charitable cause. Even if players end up not winning they have the thought that they had aided a charitable cause such as the hospital improvement in Deep River. The player who managed to reach the grand jackpot purchased his winning ticket at the Bear’s Den Lounge and Motel earlier on Thursday and eagerly anticipated the draw which took place at the same venue.

Deep River and District Hospital Foundation Achieves Goal

What is special for this lottery is that it aims to support a given idea, in this case, related to the improvement of the hospital. At the very beginning of the raffle the hospital foundation set a goal of CA$20,000 which would be utilized for the purchase of essential equipment. Over the span of the first 50 weeks of Catch the Ace lottery players have been able to pour in about CA$750,000. Tickets are being sold across the Upper Ottawa Valley in Pembroke, Petawawa, and Deep River.

The popularity of this game is rising with each passing day, as so many people are willing to support the idea while trying their luck. Deep River could be defined as a hotspot at the moment, because of this heated gaming action and the excitement that everyone is feeling when purchasing a Catch the Ace ticket. Jim Gibson is a volunteer and Deep River and District hospital foundation board member and he recently stated that good news does travel fast.

Players from neighboring communities to the likes of St. Lawrence Valley, Morrisburg, Prescott, Belleville, as well as enthusiasts traveling all the way from Ottawa are eager to give the idea a boost and support it. A crucial factor is also the fact that two winners have purchased their lucky tickets in Deep River, further solidifying the opinion that Lady Luck resides here and prepares to grant another player with her riches.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Wants to Achieve More

Usually, lotteries see a surge in popularity when their grand prize begins increasing to new heights. People hear that the jackpot is rising and are quick to get their potentially lucky ticket, further increasing the progressive jackpot that is eventually bagged by one fortunate player. The fact that the initial goal was surpassed less than a year after it was set proves that players are willing to support charitable causes.

The beginning of February saw Judy Bludd hailing from Pembroke grab the jackpot of CA$37,000. After this Thursday prize reaching half a million interest levels are expected to increase. The jackpot-winning concludes every single game of Catch the Ace. This is when the organizer has to obtain a new license for operation from the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming. It is part of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s efforts to improve its charitable gaming offerings.