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Record-Breaking CA$27.5m Manitoba Lotto Winner Revealed

The winner of the most recent major lottery win from Manitoba has been revealed, as the province has witnessed one of the biggest lotto wins in its history. Fate has certainly smiled upon Keith Spulnick from Fraserwood who has been fortunate enough to be drawn as the winner of the CA$27.5 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation has reported the major winning a while ago, but the name of the winner was revealed yesterday on May 19, 2021. This is also a historic winning, as this is the first time in the lottery history of the province when someone from outside Winnipeg wins more than CA$1 million in the draw-based game and biggest Lotto 6/49 win to this day.

Simply Surreal

After arriving to claim his enormous check, Mr. Spulnick shared his experience upon realizing that he has won such a big amount of money. He explained that initially he could not believe his own eyes and had to check the numbers over and over again before telling his wife. He described the experience as surreal for both and his wife after finally convincing her that he actually won CA$27,500,000.

The numbers 30,35,39,42,46 and 48, have brought Mr. Spulnick the grand prize as he purchased his Lotto 6/49 ticket at Riverton Shop Easy at 65 Main St. in Riverton. Along with the numbers, the lucky winner will also remember the date May 12, 2021, as this was the lotto draw that has changed his life forever.

Mr. Spulnick explained that lately his family was troubled by financial problems as he had endured a medical concern but now his household will not have to worry about money again. The winner revealed that he plans on clearing his debt and has already purchased a brand-new truck, which the family will be used to traveling around when it is safer to do so.

Still Unclaimed

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has revealed that the CA$50 million Lotto Max jackpot continues to be unclaimed as there has not been a winner this week. The guaranteed CA$1 million prize has been claimed by someone in the Prairies, says the Crown. After no winner in Tuesday’s draw, the Lotto Max jackpot will reach CA$55 million for its next draw on May 21, 2021.

Tiny Township, Big Prize

Previously, the Crown agency revealed the name of the winner for April 23, 2021, Lotto Max jackpot. George Barber from Tiny Township is the lucky one who will have the pleasure of spending the CA$5 million prize from the draw. In the draw, Mr. Barber saw his numbers matching all seven of the drawn numbers as his life will also change forever.

Kirkland Lake Winner

At the start of May, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed one more of its lottery winners, as the 60-year-old man Grover Adams has won a previous Lotto Max jackpot. The Kirkland lake man has been drawn as the winning ticket holder from the April 20 draw and will have CA$15 million to his name. The winner now considers earlier retirement as he is already planning to rest and enjoy many fishing trips.

Source: “Manitoba man wins record-setting Lotto 6/49 prize, finishes chores before telling anyone”, CTV News, May 19, 2021