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FansUnite Entertainment Reveals Financial Records

FansUnite has officially published on April 14, 2021, its financial records and corporate update for the first quarter of 2021. Overall, the company has recorded a significant improvement on its fiscal number as the revenue for the period has hit new heights. Q1 of 2021 saw a CA$28.3 million in betting volume and 136% revenue surge for McBookie.

FansUnite is a sports entertainment company that offers a variety of sport-related gambling products. It is also a parent company of McBookie Limited that provides online sporting solutions and gambling offerings to the United Kingdom. The Vancouver-based parent company also offers a broad range of technology solutions, products, and services in the online gaming scene.

Q1 2021

For the first quarter of 2021, the company recorded massively improved numbers on its sportsbook and McBookie platform and even set a few personal records. The platform has reported a CA$982,000 gross gaming revenue, which is a 136% rise compared to the same quarter the previous year. The total volume of bets placed on the online platform has exceeded CA$28 million.

During the prime-time betting volume in the first quarter of 2021, the online platform has reported a significant number and surge in unique customers that estimates to over 1,000 individuals. Additionally, during the peak period, 23,000 bets have been placed by the casino’s players for a week time. This is by far the largest number of bets since the company’s inception in 2009.

Previous activity from the sports betting company saw it apply for critical U.K Gambling licenses which is considered as the gold standard for sports wagering. The company has also launched an eSports sportsbook beta test with the Sky Ute Casino and it awaits its final approval. Additionally, the company’s subsidiary Askott Games has successfully integrated with The Ear Platform.

CEO of FansUnite Scott Burton has commented on the company’s successful Q1 for 2021. According to him, the quarter’s results are vital for the corporation’s development as it is on a way to reach new milestones. He concluded by saying that all of the company’s recent achievements such as the McBookie record-breaking numbers and the new partnerships will further cement the company’s position in the iGaming scene.

Take Over

Back in 2020, the growing sports gaming corporation has officially acquired Askott Entertainment in its entirety. The deal was worth around CA$5 million and it was announced last summer. The now-parent company will be looking towards providing Askott Entertainment with its set of premium sports solutions and gambling offerings in order to help the newly-formed corporation.

Surge in Online Betting

Another sports gambling operator that has recorded substantial growth during the months of the unprecedented situation is Score Media and Gaming. The company most recently revealed its financial results from the second quarter of 2021. Q2 has accumulated over CA$81.6 million handle, which is a 491% improvement over the same period of time last year.

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