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FansUnite Creates Canadian iGaming Super Company

FansUnite Entertainment is ready to explore everything up for grabs in the Canadian gaming scene, as it announced its latest deal has been finished. The gaming leader acquired Canadian gaming force Askott Entertainment Inc. in order to expand the footprint and functionalities of the company. Players will soon see improved sports wagering and casino gaming opportunities coming their way.

When it comes to the online gaming scene, all companies are looking for ways in which they can enrich and expand their gaming portfolio making it even better than before. This often happens through collaborations or acquisitions that could enhance their set of offerings. Vancouver-based FansUnite Entertainment decided to make a milestone move and acquire a fellow Canadian gaming force.

Acquisition Completed

This week was a special one, as it saw the announcement of the complete acquisition of Askott Entertainment in order to form a super company with a larger footprint in the gaming industry of Canada. FansUnite Entertainment made it clear that the latest move is projected to make it easier for the newly-formed company to bring diverse gaming closer to the people that will enjoy it.

This means sports betting on various events, as well as casino gaming with enhanced gaming products available. It could be recalled that the last days of July witnessed the completed financing of the deal for the acquisition of the software development company. The financing itself amounted to some CA$5 million. Back in June this year, FansUnite Entertainment announced its plans for buying the company that oversees its very own online gaming platform.

Former FansUnite Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Darius Eghdami informed shareholders back then that this new company is projected to be among the leaders in the online gaming scene of Canada, as this has always been the goal. As a result of the completed deal, Askott is going to have the chance to contribute to the newly-formed company.

New Functionalities Added

This will happen with its existing B2C platforms allowing sports wagering enthusiasts the chance to place bets on various sports events whenever they feel like it. In addition to that, the new company is also going to benefit from the B2B technology available which can receive a license for operation to all types of sportsbooks. The people overseeing this new company are also important for its success.

The years of experience have provided their lessons and the results are clear. The new company will have a new Chief Executive Officer – Scott Burton. Mr. Eghdami will continue his work in the structure of the new company in his role of President. As a result of the new arrangement, Askott Entertainment shareholders are going to 1.9193 shares of FansUnite for each share held at closing.

It could be recalled that earlier this summer, Askott Entertainment’s Chameleon Gaming platform oriented towards businesses m was shortlisted for the 2020 EGR B2B Awards for Esports Betting Supplier of the Year. Esports has also been among the areas of development for the purchased company, which will further enhance FansUnite Entertainment’s efforts in this direction.