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Woodstock Resident Claims Hefty Lotto 6/49 Main Prize

Woodstock man left in disbelief upon realizing that he is the fact the winner of the huge Lotto 6/49 jackpot. The 62-year-old Peter Kinsman has been drawn as the lucky one to claim the CA$15 million jackpot from the Lotto 6/49 draw from February 10, 2021, as it was reported from the Ontario Lottery Gaming corporation.

Mr. Kinsman now joins the club of the Canadian lotto millionaires. Every year millions of dollars are given away in the country’s provinces to lotto players in the country in both physical tickets and online offerings. Every province has a Crown corporation that regulates the rules and rewards of the fan-favorite draw-based game.

Big Winnings

Most recently the Crown corporation of the Ontario province has revealed the name of the Lotto 6/49 jackpot winner. Thanks to the February 10 draw, Mr. Kinsman has now CA$15,035,008.70 to his name, which is a rather pleasant surprise for anyone. In his words, he was in disbelief to find out that he won such a huge prize and had to ask the cashier to double-check it.

After arriving at the Crown agency’s office in Toronto to claim his cheque Mr. Kinsman shared some of his emotions and details and about how he plans to spend the money. At first, he had trouble convincing his family as no one seemed to be taking him seriously for the prize. His idea is to share the money with his children and later when it is safer to do so plans on traveling around the world.

Ontario 49 Jackpot

Father of three and grandfather of six Richard Butler has also joined the list of Canadian lotto millionaires. The 77-year-old Kincardine resident has been lucky enough to be drawn as the winner of the Ontario 49 jackpot. His ticket was determined to be the winning one in the March 17 draw last month, thus awarding him with CA$2 million to his name.

No Lotto 6/49 Winner

The Crown corporation has announced this weekend that there has not been a winning ticket brought for the last Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 jackpot. The prize was CA$20 million and no one was lucky enough to bag it. But there is always next week when the jackpot will increase to CA$23 million with the April 14 draw. However, there has been a winner of the CA$1 million guaranteed prize somewhere in Ontario.

Eventful Month

Another major winning was most recently reported in the country with Tammy Manning bagging CA$13 million from the other fan-favorite game Lotto Max. Her ticket was purchased just in time for the March 19 draw and will certainly remain a fateful one for her and her family. And for the joyous occasion, Ms. Manning has decided to even get a tattoo of the draw’s date as a reminder of how her life has changed.

The month of March has been quite eventful for the lottery fans as there was one more major winning. Tavistock couple Chad and Christa Breyer have been drawn as the winners of another huge jackpot prize from the Lotto Max game. The fortunate pair now has the stunning amount of CA$50 million to their names, which comes as a great present for the future to come.

Source: Bogdan, Sawyer “‘No one believed me!’ Woodstock man wins $15 million playing Lotto 6/49Global News, April 9, 2021