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CA$13m Lotto MAX Winner Gets Permanently Inked

Lotto MAX is one of the most popular lottery products on a national scale and this is clearly seen in the constantly growing Main prize it comes with. The latest Lotto MAX millionaire bagged her jackpot on April 1, but the windfall was quite real. Tammy Manning is now CA$13-million richer thanks to the Lotto MAX ticket she purchased ahead of the March 19 regular draw.

The woman hailing from McBride is among the lottery fans that has been purchasing tickets for quite a while. Now she is Canada’s latest lottery millionaire and she has the popular lottery offering to thank for her hassle-free life. The date Match 19, 2021 will forever hold a special place in her heart, but also on her skin.

Lotto MAX

It is not uncommon that lottery winners get tattoos to commemorate the special reason why they are millionaires. Mrs. Manning got herself inked soon after she found out the good news. Her son is a tattoo artist and he agreed to permanently etch her arm with the special Lotto MAX draw date that ended up changing her life for good.

However, he did not know his mom is much richer when he first started tattooing her. But let’s go back to the day itself first. Mrs. Manning bought the winning Lotto MAX ticket part of a CA$20 Lotto MAX Quick Pick pack. She made the purchase at a Husky/Esso in McBride, meaning that the point of sale will now receive one percent of the Main prize she bagged. With this purchase, she became the only Lotto MAX fans to match all seven numbers needed.

Once the draw was over, she went to the same place, in order to check the tickets purchased with the help of the self-checker available. As soon as she scanned the ticket, the CA$13,000,000 jackpot flashed on the screen, signifying that the ticket is a winning one.

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At first, Mrs. Manning could not believe her eyes and she quickly called the retailer over to check once again. Amber Bhaskar was the lottery retailer working there and the two of them know each other because of the frequent lottery ticket purchases. Now that the winner has bagged her prize, it is time for plans – paying off her house, as well as a possible purchase of a property in the Caribbean, as well as a sailboat.

It could be recalled that reported that a British Columbian is the latest Lotto MAX millionaire soon after the winning draw. The drawn numbers on March 19 Lotto Max draw were 02, 07, 08, 26, 30, 43, and 48, and then 25 drawn as a bonus one. The lottery corporation additionally informed that the following week’s jackpot would amount to CA$10 million.

March 16 was another special date for Lotto MAX fans, as it saw an Ontario couple bag CA$50,000,000. Tavistock couple Chad and Christa Breyer has been fortunate enough to be drawn as winners of the grand Lotto Max jackpot, as reported by the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation soon after the two of them bagged their prize.

Source: “No April Fool’s: McBride Woman who Scoops Up $13-Million Jackpot Playing Lotto Max”,, April 1, 2021