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B.C. Money Laundering Commission Unveils Details Later than Projected

Cullen’s Commission was tasked with the uneasy responsibility to determine whether illegal money laundering activities have taken place in British Columbia’s gambling and real estate sectors. And according to a recent statement from the provincial authorities, the commission has received an extension in its deadline. The inquiry now has to deliver its full report by December

Over the course of its mandate, the Cullen’s Commission has heard a series of testimony from current and former gaming executives, in addition to the commission counsel’s findings on the case. However, for the time being, the inquiry has failed to provide any concrete evidence of illicit activities with only unsupported statements from the questioned individuals.

Deadline Extension

After the news of a deadline extension by British Columbia’s government, the commission will have time until December 15 to submit its reports of money laundering findings that have allegedly occurred in several of the province’s casinos. The commission stated that such an extension was needed due to the obstacles that have been caused to the investigation by the unprecedented situation, and switching to the online method of work.

Additionally, there were more delays in the processing of documents from participants from the federal government. There was also a brief pause of operations in October due to the provincial elections taking place back then. And now hearings are scheduled to occur again until mid-May this year. Currently, the commission’s counsel is working on finalizing the timing and last details on the upcoming submission.

Commissioner Austin Cullen is the head of the inquiry and he most recently thanked all participants in the investigations for their collaboration and flexibility considering the difficult circumstances. According to him, the provided evidence will be used by the commission to provide a suite of recommendations that was formed by a set of social, economic, political, and constitutional considerations.

The inquiry has revealed the upcoming date for the scheduled hearing blocks, which can be subject to a change. The first one being from March 29 to April 2 and it will hear testimony from Enforcement and luxury goods. Then from April 5-9 Enforcement again, with another set of hearing from the side on April 12 to 16. Then government response at the end of April, with May starting with hearings from other jurisdictions.

No Sight of Former Investigator

Back at the beginning of March, the money laundering inquiry has informed that the former director of anti-money laundering investigations for BCLC Ross Alderson has failed to answer their summons to court. Previously, Mr. Alderson was more than happy to contribute to the investigation but now it is unclear whether he is still residing in the country.

RCMP’s Findings

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has also shared its findings on the case of money laundering. Cpl. Melvin Chizawsky stated that the RCMP’s investigations have discovered a connection between alleged loan shark Paul King Jin, Silver International corporation, and the illicit activities. According to the findings Mr. Jin loaned money to high-profile gamblers who used the alleged money from criminal activities in local casinos and come out with clean cash.

Source: Campbell, Alan “B.C.’s money-laundering inquiry deadline extended”, North Shore News, March 24, 2021