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Still No Official Timeframe For Caesars Windsor Reopening

Caesars Windsor has been under the non-operational status for over a whole year now after the gaming property was closed down last March after the emerging of the unprecedented situation. Unlike the casino, many other businesses have already restarted operations with implemented safety rules. Employees of the casino are starting to worry even more since despite other businesses officially functioning their workplaces are still unavailable.

The gambling facility is considered one of the biggest attractions for both locals and tourists, and its shutting down has taken its toll on the local’s economy. Despite being operational for a brief period of time over the last 12 months the casino was not able to provide the much-needed revenue for the city’s coffers.

Unclear Future

The gambling venue has thousands of employees and it’s still unclear whether the facility will be reopening any time soon. President of Unifor Local 444 Dave Cassidy most recently stated that the closure has been devasting for the workers but the union is doing everything in its power to support its unionized workers who are still awaiting for the casino to restart operations.

The labor union represents over 2,200 of the casino’s employees which is a portion of the previous figure of 2,700 prior to the start of the unprecedented situation. With a small number of staff members still working in the venue, who are in charge of security and maintenance. According to June Muir, executive director of the Unemployed Help Centre, many of the workers are evaluating their options and considering looking for occupation elsewhere.

In response to the public backlash Scott Jenkins, director of advertising and public relations with the gaming property stated that the last year has been extremely difficult for all parties involved, and especially to the employees and their families. According to him, the casino will reopen if the region shifts into the “orange tier” of the government’s-colored framework. As the current tier’s rules state that casino and bingo properties can operate under 10 customer capacity.

According to a city’s spokesperson, the gambling sector in the area contributes around CA$11 million to the local’s budget per year. This is one of the reasons why the city is struggling financially and is currently in a CA$19 million budget deficit. The reopening of the casino cannot come soon enough for both its employees and the welfare of the local economy.

Better Retirement Conditions

Previous new surrounding the Windsor-Essex gambling venue, saw the casino offer bigger retirement bonus incentives to their senior workers. This has come as great news for the employees who can now enjoy better retirement bonuses thanks to the Unifor Local 444 negotiations with casino representatives. The new bonus differentiates according to the employees’ experience and are above the age of 60.

Brief Reopening

Back at the end of 2020 on October 8, Caesars Windsor was able to reopen for a brief period of time. The gambling property prepared a limited portfolio of offerings to its exclusive guests who have been invited. The online premise operated under a 50-player capacity, and visitors had to make a preliminary online reservation in order to participate in the gambling activities.

Source: Breen, Kerri “A year later, Caesars Windsor remains closed — and the stakes are high”, CBC News, March 22, 2021