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Caesars Windsor Casino Improves Staff Bonuses

Despite the troublesome financial situation in Canada, Caesars Windsor Casino informed that the Ontario-based gaming venue will be rewarding its staff by improving the early retirement bonus incentives. Unfortunately, the gambling property has been a victim of the lockdown restrictions and it has been closed for a while now, making workers unable to return to their usual positions.

After being closed down at the beginning of 2020 and then reopened in September 2020, but not long after on November 30 was shut down again due to increasing safety concerns in the region. The Ontario province has greenlighted the reopening of some businesses, however, it is still not known to the public whether the gaming venue will be reopening any time soon.

Bigger Bonuses

On a brighter note, the Windsor-based casino most recently announced that there will be larger pension bonuses for workers whose desire is to retire earlier. This was achieved by successful discussions between the gaming entity and the Unifor Local 444 union. The union is tasked with fighting and speaking on behalf of the workers in the region and aims towards better working conditions and more.

The increase in bonus incentives was revealed on Tuesday by the union in a social media post, which brings even better retirement benefits for the staff. According to the Facebook post, the agreement between the union and the casino will grant workers the possibility of an earlier retirement option if they decide to do so.

Currently, in order for staff to be eligible for the bonus incentives, there are three options based on the years of working experience, it also applies for employees who are 60 years of age or older. The maximum incentive one can receive is CA$3,000. The recently agreed change in retirement bonus does not concern casual workers of the casino.

Spokesperson of the local gambling enterprise Scott Jenkins stated in an email that the casino often is taking under consideration staff programs and discuss how they can positively affect the employees and their wellbeing. Mr. Jenkins added the bonus program was the result of constructive discussions with the union regarding the future of the long-employed staff.

Casino Rama

Another casino in the province that many people eagerly await its reopening is Casino Rama. Recent news saw the casino’s intention to refresh its gambling floor by removing a certain amount of slot machines and table games. However, Unifor Local 1090 has assured its unionized workers of the gambling venue, that there will be no staff reduction despite the upcoming rearrangements. The 1050 staff members presented by the union are expected to keep their occupations.

Protecting the Working Force

Unifor Local 1090 and Gateway Casino & Entertainment have had positive discussions in the summer of 2020 about extending benefits of Ontario and British Columbia workers of the corporation. The casino leader’s intentions were to end the benefits of employees at the end of June 2020. Fortunately, the labor union was quick to search for a solution by informing the corporation that this will be a violation of the Employment Standards Act, resulting in changes in the company’s desire.

Source: Ensing, Chris “Caesars Windsor offering boost to early retirement incentivesCBC News, February 24, 2021