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New York State Campaign Targets Gambling Addiction

New York Council on Problem Gambling is more than aware that gambling can turn out to be a significant problem among local residents, especially now during the ongoing lockdown and social distancing restrictions in the state. The council believes that compulsive gambling is spreading quickly among players and that they are at their most vulnerable states now more than ever and they need any help possible.

That is why authorities have launched the Problem Gambling Awareness Month which is devoted to helping gamblers who are experiencing difficulties in containing their gambling needs. The program urges everyone that is currently seeking help or interested in helping others to engage in the event. There are numerous of different ways for someone to contribute to the cause.

Serious Issue

The initiative aims to unite all communities, agencies, and people to fight against the concerning issue. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling in a calendar year around 2 million eligible for gambling individuals are suffering severe gambling disorders. Then there are the mild or moderate problem gamblers with 4-6 million in numbers who are considered to not be meeting the gambling addiction norm but are still experiencing problem gambling to some extent.

It must be noted that compulsive gambling affects not only the suffering individual but his or her close family can also be negatively impacted by the issues. According to reports around 8 to 10 people can be badly influenced by another person’s gambling addiction. This demographic can be included family, close, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, and adding them to the already affected by the issue numbers rise between 64 and 80 million people.

New York Council Problem Gambling’s Executive Director Jim Maney spoke on the issue by stating that the cases of compulsive gambling have significantly increased due to the unprecedented situation. Mr. Maney also added that it is imperative to cooperate with communities and agencies in order to raise awareness for the matter of problem gambling, in order for victims of the disorder to understand that they have someone to rely on during these times.

The program aims to show the importance of the issue in today’s society and help struggling individuals and families overcome the difficulties. The resources collected during the program’s operations will be used to help many New Yorkers who are facing problems with containing their gambling habits. The council urges everyone who is in need of such help or is aware of someone who also is trouble to contact the program via social media or its website.

Virtual Meeting

New York Council on Problem Gambling held its annual conference on October 8 in 2020 in order to discuss urgent matters. However, the 2020 conference was slightly different due to the closing down of businesses and social distancing rules, that is why the meeting was online. It was a 2-day event aiming towards bringing awareness and dealing with problematic gambling habits of the state’s population.

More Allies

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady also joined in on the cause of fighting problematic gambling, the commercial venue took part in last year’s edition of the Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The casino is a point of huge interest among gambling enthusiasts, and that is why its executives believe that it should be an advocate of safer gambling in order to protect players and their families from the issue.

Source: “Problem Gambling Awareness Month”, New York Problem Gambling, February 22, 2021