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Rivers Casino NY Greenlights Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady is one of the four commercial casino venues in the Upstate New York region and this month is about to be a special one. The gambling location gave its nod to the long-anticipated Problem Gambling Awareness Month across which patrons are going to learn more about the true nature of compulsive gambling and how to maintain their healthy relationship with gambling.

Ever since 2016, the commercial casino venue has been welcoming individuals ready to win more in life and transform it for good. Casino patrons have been consistent in their preferences and Rivers Casino in Schenectady appears to be one of the popular locations on a state scale. Its popularity grew further when single-event sports wagering was legalized and the in-person sports betting launch was opened.

Gambling Addiction Awareness

Now it is time for some informative events and self-observation to take place for the individuals spending their time at the casino resort in Schenectady. Robert Williams, Executive Director of the New York State Gaming Commission, recently pointed out that about two million American citizens struggle with their gambling addiction to a certain extent.

Their involvement with gambling might appear to be a healthy one, when in fact it is not. The concerning number might appear to be big, but there are many individuals that fail to report their concerning behavior and the time they spend gaming. This could happen simply because they do not perceive their pastime activities as something out of the ordinary and they convince themselves that they could stop at any time. Rivers Casino wants to make a change this month.

Being proactive is the way to go when battling problem gambling and the casino resort is aware of that notion. The month of March is going to introduce patrons to the informative content of this program striving to help people in need and normalize the conversation about problematic gambling relationships.

March Would be Special

Ever since 2016, the casino location has been working on its problem gambling solutions, as to prevent its patrons in the long run. Casino staff is well-trained in order to spot the problematic behavior of players experiencing compulsive gambling. Justin Moore, General Manager of the casino venue said prevention is crucial on a daily basis at Rivers Casino. This month is going to feature certain focus points.

Informing patrons of the threats of problem gambling and raising the awareness that this is a serious issue would be the first step of this March. The casino venue would also strive to bring gaming offerings closer to the players but also in a responsible manner. The third focus point of this month would be the introduction of problem gambling programs and services for the people in need of support in this time of need.

The Problem Gambling Awareness Month in Rivers Casino would popularize itself with the help of a campaign covering 65 TV stations, as well as 62 radio stations. The popularity of this campaign would also be spread with the help of state officials making their way to the other casino locations and racinos of New York State. This would warrant the informative flow across the state and more people accessing problem gambling programs.