Industry Reports

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Treats Customers with Complimentary Slots Showcase

Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady, New York provided visitors and guests of the resort with the chance to see how much luck they have in themselves and try the wide variety of brand new slot machines the property boast, all while they are still in demo mode and no real money could be lost or won.

The last couple of days have been an opportunity for education and broadening of horizons for hundreds of on the fence visitors and guests of Rivers Casino. Those of them who still were not convinced whether they like gambling or it is just not for them had the chance to see firsthand how the slot machines work and what winning and losing feels like.

From Saturday to Tuesday many of the slot machines in the casino were set to demo mode and on display, which allowed the customers to freely change the different settings and styles of games. Players could change the bets you make, lose money or win the grand jackpot, all without any real consequences. There were also many new machines from a different class introduced to the public and many people had the opportunity to test them for the first time and see how they like them.

Video lottery terminal, or VLT as it is commonly referred to, can usually be found in the so-called “racinos”, which tend to have their own horse racetrack where the customers can make their bets, as well as a casino. The VLT are interconnected and a player must compete against another player in order to win the prize, instead of playing against the house.

Usually the number of people who can win is determined prior to the start of the game, as well as the number of wins and losses, but the slot machines which you can find in Rivers Casino work with number generators which work in real-time, changing the numbers in every single game and making the winner harder for prediction. This new class will introduce a breath of fresh air in the casino and the coordinators hope it will attract many people to the world of gambling.

Of course, a feedback from the whole experience was mandatory and every customer who tested the new slot machines had to fill out a short questionnaire, which provided further insight into their experience. As a result, two of the 24 machines in demo mode will be placed as permanent slot machines in the casino.