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Best Approach for Sports Wagering According to BCLC

Canada has been overly saturated in recent weeks by discussions on the potential return of single sports betting. With many opinions for and against the uplift of the single-even wagering. The gambling industry believes that the country is missing on a huge revenue with players having to resort to illicit online platforms that allow such betting options.

The reintroduction of single-event betting seems more likely with every day. That is why the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has taken on the task to create a responsible and safe plan for online sports wagering. The matter was raised during last month’s New Horizons in Responsible Gambling online pre-conference that the Crown agency was pleased to host.

Safer Style of Play

The lottery corporation’s eGaming Director of Operations Stewart Groumoutis, was the first one to speak, as he pointed out that he believes that the gaming industry is moving towards a cultural shift. He added that casual betters are more likely to miss on wagering since they must place multiple bets instead of just one. He believes that the legalization of single sports betting will allow to further improve the industry in its both land-based and digital variants.

Christine Thurmond, who is a Director of Responsible Gaming at DraftKings insists that the best way possible for Canada to prepare for such a massive step is to educate players for potential dangers. Also, that the corporation should make sure to use the best possible tools to advocate safer gambling and players must also be aware of possible helping tools while finding themselves in difficult periods.

Gambling Industry Strategist and Partner at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Chris Grove advised using the American neighbors as an example of what the potential expansion could lead to. Since the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting, and according to Mr. Grove such legalization must be performed the right way by casino operators providing reports on marketing channels and player acquisition, in order to establish the best possible safety measures.

The Crown agency supports the proposed lift of the single-event wagering and is hopeful that the bill is passed thus allowing Canadian to place their desirable bets on a single sporting event such as the Super Bowl. The actual New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference will take place next month in March, where the subject will be even more intensely discussed since players’ health is of utmost importance for the corporation.

New Horizons 2021

The Crown corporation is always working on creating new gaming offerings in order to keep gambling enthusiasts entertained. However, this poses a certain number of risks since the many gaming opportunities may lead to compulsive gambling disorders in some players. The company realizes the effect this could have on many households, that is why the lottery corporation is always looking for safer ways to advocate safer gambling, one of the cases being working with Monzo Bank Ltd, in order to discuss the matter.

BCLC Spreads the Love

The crown agency feels their responsibility is not only to raise awareness but also is to help in any manner they can to the local economy. This was seen in January with the corporation’s charitable campaign “Spread the Local Love”. This was achieved by the regulator’s gaming platform, where players who have purchased a ticket contributed to the campaign. The money raised will be used for funding local communities and groups in difficult situations.

Source:Offense or Defense: What’s the Responsible Gambling Game Plan in the Sports Betting Playbook?BCLC, February 11, 2021