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Alberta Supports Singe-Event Wagering Introduction

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis’s recent official announcement states that the casino regulator for the Alberta region is willing to support the reintroduction of single-sport event betting. Currently, Canadians have to place wagers on at least three games for completion of a single bet. Many gaming regulators believe this is hurting the industry due to many players betting on unregulated offshore casino websites.

The ban on single-sports betting was implemented a while ago in the country by the government authorities and many gaming operators believe that the uplift or the change in the law would greatly benefit all parties involved. This ban was introduced due to match-fixing concerns and it was implemented with a measure to prevent such in the future.

AGLC’s Stance

Last November a bill was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons which proposes changing paragraph 207(4)(b) of the Criminal Code which purpose is to legalize again the possibility for gambling fans to bet on a single sporting event. Ever since many gaming regulators have voiced their support on the matter with the Alberta corporation being one of them.

The Alberta regulator has been responsible for gaming in the state for years now and it is of complete importance to them to always improve and modernize the industry. The current president and CEO of the company Kandice Machado publicly addressing the matter and supporting it further cemented the stance that such uplift of the ban will be great to the gambling industry.

CEO Machado further added that such legalization will provide eligible Albertans with plenty of new and exciting betting options for sports betting. Gaming enthusiasts will be finally allowed to bet on a single sporting event, with wagers such as game outcome, points spread, or even shots registered by a player. Single sports betting opportunities will also provide players with greater odds of successful wagers.

Chief of compliance Niaz Nejad also spoke on the matter, claiming the single-event betting will undoubtedly bring more legal betting possibilities. Meaning that many of the illegally betting consumers might finally head to legal alternatives such as Alberta’s only allowed gambling site. According to Ms. Nejad’s words, over CA$3 billion is being gambled on offshore websites, that provide little players protection and guidelines.

Ontario’s Green Light

Over the course of last year, the impact of the unprecedented situation has gravely affected the Ontario gambling industry. That is why in order to compensate revenue losses, Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse has submitted a bill for the reintroduction of single-sports betting which is currently unavailable in Canada. Meaning that Canadians will be able to place a single bet on major events, like the Super Bowl for instance, instead of placing 2 others in order to make a legal bet.

British Columbia Joins the Cause

The BCLC is another regulator that also jumped on the single-betting wave. The Crown agency has made estimations that such legalization of single-event wagering will be able to generate more than CA$125 million in the province’s land-based and online casinos. The additional income could later come as quite useful for the region if it is distributed across local communities and organizations.

Source:AGLC supports proposed changes to federal sports gambling legislation”, Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis, February 10, 2021