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Standardbred Horse People to Bag Hefty Payments

Ontario Racing announced on January 29, 2021, that Standardbred horse people will have the option to access funds that are available due to the Funding Agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. This is considered as compensation for the suspension of the live racing in the Ontario province as a result of the unprecedented situation. Applications can be submitted until February 8, 2021.

John Hayes, chair of Ontario Racing admitted that horse racing has been negatively infected by the unprecedented events of 2020, like many other sectors. That is why Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has worked hard on negotiating a significant amount of funds in order to alleviate the financial situation for the industry. Resulting in Funding Agreement for Live Horses Racing between Ontario Racing and the Crown corporation.

Eligibility Requirements and Payments

Naturally for horse people to be eligible to receive the said funds, horses must fall into certain conditions, in order to receive payments for December 2020, and or for January 2021. For example, the December payments is worth CA$300 per horse, and horses must have a charted line, which can be confirmed by a third party, between October 23 and December 23.

January payment will consist of CA$1,000 per horse, which must be at least three years old or older, and are currently in an Ontario-based stable. In order for the horses to be eligible they must have participated on Ontario Racetrack between June 5, 2021, and December 23, 2020. Verifiable charted line by a third party is also mandatory. Horses must also be trained or looked after by a licensed AGCO trainer. Unraced three and four-year-old horses can also apply for the payments if they are stabled in Ontario and are trained by an AGCO trainer.

All horses must be stabled in Ontario and be under the supervision of AGCO licensed trainers. And when the suspension of live horse racing is lifted, all of the horses must race at the Ontario Standardbred track in 2021. Candidates for funds have a deadline set on February 8, 2021. Full information for the payment applications can be found on the official website

Horse Owners Support

Due to the suspension of all live horse racing since March 2020, Ontario Racing has been going through financial difficulties and it is currently relying on support coming from the Funding Agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Standardbred, Thoroughbred, and Quarter horse people can apply for financial support and horses must meet certain conditions for such support. If eligible Thoroughbred horse owners will receive CA$1,500 per month, Standardbred CA$1000, Quarterhorse people CA$750 per month.

Ontario Sire Stakes program

Last year was a financial disaster for all commercial sectors, including live horse racing which was also a victim of the unprecedented situation. Both experienced and new horse owners needed financial help in order to make ends meet. Mr. Parkinson is the President of Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association and the Standardbred breeder representative on the board of Ontario Racing, has presented the Ontario Sire Stakes program. The program will be able to help the industry with CA$15 million of funds to be distributed.

Source: Application For Payments To Horse Owners, Standardbred Canada, January 29, 2021