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Is Richmond Money Laundering Safe Haven?

Richmond RCMP recently announced that illegal gambling in the area has been successfully hit in the past. An illegal gambling den located in Richmond was raided in the summer of 2020 leading to the eventual cuffing of two individuals. Thi Dung Le and Jordan Jackson Guy were charged with one count of keeping gaming or betting house without a legal permit to do so.

Illegal gambling operation is harmful to both the economy and people participating in it. Its operation does not contribute back to the host community and problem gambling programs are unable to receive a fair share of its gaming revenue. In the meantime, the individuals involved in it are deprived of player protection in a situation of conflict or unfair treatment.

Richmond Illegal Gambling Den

Richmond RCMP eyed an alleged illegal gambling den in the Richmond region for quite a while before the eventual raid which took place in the summer of 2020. Back in May 2020, the organized crime unit associated with the local RCMP commenced probing the subject of potential illicit gambling activities in the region. Once enough information was gathered, it was time for action.

July 2 witnessed the eventual search warrant execution on the premises of the illegal gambling hotspot. It is located in the 10700 block of Finlayson Drive. It is located in the vicinity of Shell Road and River Road, making access easier. The first days of July saw the raid taking place on its premises. It discovered various items associated with in-person gambling activities.

There were poker chips and gambling tables facilitating diverse gambling on its premises, making the illegal gambling den a popular location for many individuals interested in gaming. At the time brick-and-mortar casino locations and gambling halls on a provincial scale were closed and they have remained son ever since March 2020. This illicit gambling operation allowed patrons to try their luck.

Kingpins Arrested

Richmond Mounties stated that the raid conducted in the summer of 2020 resulted in the seizing of various items along with cash money that was used for the gambling operation. Cst. Kenneth Lau, Richmond RCMP spokesperson, recently made it clear that the raid on the premises of the alleged illegal gambling den confirmed the suspicions and greenlighted the process.

The two individuals allegedly responsible for its operation were also on the premises of the Richmond gambling hotspot. Richmond RCMP charged both Thi Dung Le and Jordan Jackson Guy for the management of the illegal gambling location soon after the raid was over. Mr. Lau pointed out that the Richmond residents gambling there have received no protection in case of conflict while gambling or unfair treatment.

Moreover, no regulations in place have been taken into account upon the establishment of this gambling den, as it has no permit for gambling operation. Organized crime often perceives these illegal gambling houses as the place where money laundering of criminal proceeds could take place. The Mounties seek more information on illegal gambling and assures whistleblowers will remain anonymous.