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B.C. Players Ring in the New Year with Winning X-Mas Wagers

British Columbia Lottery Corporation prepares for the most wonderful time of the year and allows local gaming enthusiasts to potentially win big. Hundreds of British Columbians have the opportunity to place a wager on the weather conditions this Christmas in Vancouver, as it might be a snowy one. accepts wagers right now.

PlayNow is constantly pursuing the best online gaming offerings and pools attracting quite the crowd. British Columbia wagering aficionados currently have the chance to wager on various novelty pools that could possibly make them much richer. Celebrating the holidays with a great windfall is one of the big wishes for many individuals in British Columbia. They also wish for a white Christmas in Vancouver.


When it comes to the weather conditions in Vancouver and the region, it is no secret that snow can happen, but it is rare. More often than not, the winter months are able to bring rain instead, and the occasional snowfall in January or February is usually washed away before long. Now individuals hailing from the region can wager whether or not they will see snowfall this Christmas.

They can do so online, via the premium online platform British Columbia Lottery Corporation has up for grabs. They can do so in the comfort of their home and hope for the best on December 25. This is when the Vancouver International Airport’s weather station will make it clear whether or not there is any snowfall taking place. Individuals placing their bets on a white Christmas should note that the last time this happened in Vancouver was in 2008.

Vancouver and Victoria have experienced more Christmases without any snowfall than any major Canadian city over the past more than half a decade. The information comes from Environment and Climate Change Canada, which has been carefully following the gradual change taking place ever since 1955.

Taking into account the information, British Columbia Lottery Corporation has adjusted the odds for a white Christmas in Vancouver to 2.35. They rank Vancouver last when it comes to the cities which could be wagered on this year. Individuals willing to win big have the opportunity to place wagers on other major cities to the likes of Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto with their potentially white Christmas.

They come with better odds, Winnipeg’s amounting to some 1.03 and most individuals are projected to place their bets on that particular city. The runner-up position is taken by Montreal with odds of 1.28, followed closely by Ottawa with odds listed at 1.33. Toronto is the fourth city introducing 1.44 as odds and yet another opportunity for a winning wager this Christmas.

For many individuals, the holidays mark their first steps in the gambling world, as many of them consider there cheerful days to bring good fortune. Wagering online in the comfort of their home could end up setting the tone for the entire upcoming year, as we prepare to ring it in.