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Casino New Brunswick Reopens for the Second Time this Fall

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is ready to announce the official return of in-person casino gambling in the province of New Brunswick in accordance with the regulations unveiled this week. October 23 is about to see the official relaunch of Casino New Brunswick overseen by the gambling operator. The gaming hotspot was temporarily closed at the beginning of this month.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation aims to take into account the constantly changing situation across the Canadian provinces, as each province navigates the dynamically changing circumstances in its unique manner. October 9 saw the temporary suspension of operation at the casino location. This move is necessary, as the health and well-being of casino patrons and customers are of utmost importance.

October 23

As it became clear, the province of New Brunswick transitioned back to Orange level under its business recovery plan within the first days of this month, which called for some changes on a regional level. They directly affected brick-and-mortar casino venues, mandating their closing for an indefinite period of time. Bingo halls, cinemas, theatres, and arcades had to suspend their operation until further notice.

Gymnasiums and health centers also had to close for business until further notice. When it comes to restaurants and bars, they received permission to continue their operation with all safety and health protocols implemented. This week saw some changes, as the Moncton Zone 1 Health Region is about to return to the Yellow level as of October 23. Dr. Jennifer Russell, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in New Brunswick, said that the health situation in the region is under control now.

Hairdressers, barbers, gyms, spas, theatres, cinemas, and arenas will now get the chance to reopen once again. This includes also the in-person casino gaming operation at Casino New Brunswick, which witnessed a two-week suspension. What should be taken into account is the limit on individuals in public gatherings.

In-Person Gambling

Both indoors and outdoors gatherings should be limited to 50 individuals and this will apply to in-person casino gaming in Moncton. It should be taken into account that Great Canadian Gaming Corporation also released the official opening hour for the casino hotspot. It will welcome back players willing to explore everything it has in store at 10 a.m. this Friday.

September 28 saw the official reopening of the casino venue, with all safety and health measures in place. Individuals making their way in had to wear masks at all times during their gaming session and they had to keep in mind that the Food and Beverages outlets on the premises of the casino venue remained closed for their protection.

The casino worked between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m. seven days a week. This reopening happened after months of lockdown, as the casino location closed for business back in March. Individuals making their way there can be confident that their protection is of utmost importance for the casino management seeking to revive gambling in the region.