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Great Canadian Gaming Shuts Down Casinos Weeks after Re-Launch

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation aims to take into account the constantly changing situation across the Canadian provinces and its latest decision comes to prove it. The casino operator made it clear that Casino Woodbine and Casino New Brunswick will have to temporarily close for business, a decision that came into effect on October 9.

The unprecedented situation across Canada and the world has taken its toll on the gambling industry, as well as many other businesses. Management has to remain as flexible as possible, as they should be ready to close their businesses at any given time if the province issues an announcement. Such was the case in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick.

Casino New Brunswick

The provincial governments overseeing the two provinces made it clear that casino locations along with other businesses will have to temporarily suspend their operation. This move is necessary, as the health and well-being of casino patrons and customers are of utmost importance. As it became clear, the province of New Brunswick transitioned back to Orange level under its business recovery plan.

For the businesses, this means that casinos, bingo halls, cinemas, theatres, and arcades will have to suspend their operation until further notice. Gymnasiums and health centers will also have to close for business. When it comes to restaurants and bars, they will continue their operation with all safety and health protocols implemented. Casino New Brunswick is the gambling hotspot in the region, which recently relaunched operation following months of lockdown and no in-person gaming.

September 28 saw the official reopening of the casino venue, with all safety and health measures in place. Individuals making their way in had to wear masks at all times during their gaming session and they had to keep in mind that the Food and Beverages outlets on the premises of the casino venue remained closed for their protection. The casino worked between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m. seven days a week.


As for Casino Woodbine, Ontario’s government recently shed more light on the overall situation on a provincial level. Casino venues in Toronto, Peel, as well as Ottawa, were ordered to shut down this weekend, as people’s safety remains a priority for the government. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is the first casino operator to follow the recommendation and shut down its casino venue adjacent to Woodbine Racetrack.

It could be recalled that the gaming hotspot launched operation on September 28 along with Casino Ajax and the Great Blue Heron, among others. They returned to their daily operation after more than half a year without in-person gambling in Ontario. However, the casino operator recently pointed out that Casino Woodbine will be the only casino location closed for the time being.

The remaining ten Great Canadian Gaming casinos and gambling halls in Ontario will remain working. While the province was issuing the suspension orders, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment was conducting its two-phase casino reopening plan relaunching all its casinos except Casino Rama Resort.