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Great Canadian Gaming Readies for Online Annual General Meeting

Great Canadian Gaming has a special statement influenced by the constantly changing situation around the globe. Peter Meredith, Chairman of the Board of the Company, issued a heartfelt statement addressing the gaming leader’s shareholders, as well as their families and friends. It aimed to establish the notion that the company is reliable in these trying times and all measures have been taken for their collective well-being.

Being well-positioned in the rapidly changing gaming scene of Canada and North America, in general, is crucial for the gaming operator renowned for its expansion across the provinces. The stability that this brings is an important factor for both the casino operator and the shareholders associated with it. This is why Great Canadian Gaming issued this statement reassuring them of the long-term stability of the company.

Changes Introduced

The Board of Directors has been preparing for this moment and Mr. Meredith stated that transparent communication would continue existing and propelling its development forward. What should be taken into account is the extent of this critical situation the gaming field is in.

The complete lockdown of casino venues across the Canadian provinces, in addition to racetracks, would have an impact on the future. Mr. Meredith pointed out that shutting down those locations would inevitably leave its imprint on the gaming business going forward. This includes the gross gaming revenue reported at the end of the fiscal year, which would make it clear just how hard the crisis has hit Great Canadian Gaming. The casino operator is ready to face the challenges, as it is well-prepared.

Rod Baker, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, is determined to weather the crisis in the most responsible manner possible. Together with the Board of Directors, he is closely monitoring the development of the novel coronavirus across the Canadian provinces, as well as in relation to the gaming operation of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. This allows them to predict the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 Impacts Field

Acting accordingly and in a timely manner is also essential for the constantly changing landscape of the Canadian gaming industry. It should also be taken into account that the casino operator is looking out for its employees and the people closely involved in its day-to-day operation. As a result of the preemptive measures taken, people are not at risk of contracting the highly contagious COVID-19, as they are encouraged to practice social distancing.

Mr. Meredith pointed out that the decisions for the foreseeable future are being taken as the situation develops and there are no certain rules that should be followed. The unprecedented situation the Canadian gaming field is in right now would go down in history and casino operators should take responsibility for their actions in uncertain times. Those are the decisions that end up having a lasting impact on the future.

Great Canadian Gaming also made it clear that this year’s annual general meeting is about to take place online, as the gaming leader eyes shareholders protection and practicing social distancing. Next week, the corporation is about to issue more details on the upcoming meeting and everything that would be on the schedule. These efforts are expected to eventually flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak.