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Great Canadian Gaming Touts 2019 Financial Performance

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is ready to present everything achieved over the past three months, as well as over the entire 2019. The official financial report focusing on the said time windows is going to be issued on March 3. The leading casino corporation is projected to host a conference call once the market closes on that Tuesday, shedding more light onto the goals reached at the end of 2019, as well as the entire 12-month period.

Casino operators have their goals set at the beginning of every fiscal quarter of the year and this helps them stay focused and working on the positive change they want to see in the gambling field. When it comes to Canada, Great Canadian Gaming is willing to bring major changes to Ontario’s gaming field.

Fourth-Quarter Information

Making sure expansion is possible and already happening in a timely manner is essential for the positive outcome of 2020. While the renowned casino operator is working on its casino projects across the province, it could shed more light on the financial performance over the past twelve months. Great Canadian Gaming would also focus on the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2019.

This is expected to provide a better perspective in the long run and also ensure that the corporation sticks to its promises and projections. The fiscal year, as well as the three months in question all came to an end on December 31, 2019. In order to make the event convenient for all parties interested in the information it would issue, Great Canadian Gaming would host it at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Placing them after the market close is a common practice for this type of events. March 3 is about to see both the financial report with detailed information on the achievements and figures and a conference call answering all questions there might be. The latter would include officials part of the structure.

Casino Development in Ontario

Rod N. Baker, Chief Executive Office; Terrance Doyle, President, Strategic Growth & Chief Compliance Officer; as well as Mr. Matthew Anfinson, Chief Operating Officer are going to be present during the conference call. They are expected to provide information relevant to the institutional investors, as well as analysts interested in the casino operator.

March 3 is also going to see a conversation about the future. The senior management present is projected to talk about everything in store for the first quarter of 2020 that is already in progress. This year is expected to see the official launch of Pickering Casino Resort, part of a bigger project with multiple phases. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of this project is about to take place this April.

It could be recalled that Gaming revenue generated over the third quarter of 2019 marked a 3-percent surge when compared with Q3 2018. Gaming revenue generated by brick-and-mortar casino locations across Canada reached CA$341.1 million over the three months in question. The third quarter of this fiscal year commenced at the beginning of July and came to an end on September 30.