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Alberta’s New Triggers Concerns

Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis recently gave green light to its brand new online gaming platform that will strive to become the only desired online offering for local gambling enthusiasts. is already in full swing, welcoming individuals across the province on its online platform with a diverse portfolio. It is time for an extensive review of everything in store.

This year has been an important one for the Canadian provinces, as it managed to show every gaming-related issue in an entirely new light. With the lockdown continuing for months, players had to resort to online gaming and lottery tickets purchases which failed to meet their diverse gaming expectations at the end of the day.

The province of Alberta wanted to see a change and introduce its very own online gaming platform that could position it well on the online gaming scene. This is one of the reasons why the provincial government gave its approval to the online gaming webpage becoming the only regulated gambling site within the province. Its positive impact is expected to be a boost to Alberta.

Projections are that this online gaming activity could result in a gaming revenue reaching CA$3.71 million on an annual basis. The sum will then go straight to the general revenue fund of the province, supporting various projects and programs seeking an overall improvement of life. In a sense, Alberta is preparing for a potential second lockdown of its brick-and-mortar casino venues and striving to bring a premium online experience to the local players.

Regardless of the projected positive impact, some concerns have been expressed regarding the online gaming platform now available in Alberta. Bonnie Lee, an Associate Professor in Addictions Counselling at the University of Lethbridge, stated that the impact of this launch could be a negative one down the road. One of the reasons for that is the time individuals spend online nowadays.

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People have been staying home for months due to the unprecedented situation and this has given them the time to explore the online space as a convenient pastime activity, online gaming has witnessed a surge in neighboring provinces such as Quebec and British Columbia. Associate Professor Lee said that problem gambling rates in Alberta could see a surge in the upcoming months.

People with addictive tendencies often get hooked on a given activity which could have a devastating impact on their well-being, relationships, and ultimately their bankroll. Online gambling is particularly risky, as it involves online payments and wagers, the players do not get a real sense of the money they had spent so far during their gaming session. Its convenience also makes it possible for players to wager whenever they feel like it.

Alberta Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis pointed out that responsible gambling is of utmost importance especially when it comes to online gaming and various resources are available for the players to explore. These features could limit the deposits made on a daily basis and remain informed on their gaming habits while they are gambling.