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Alberta Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Fans Bag CA$1m Cash Piles

Lottery fans across Canada have had many reasons to celebrate over the past few months, as several hefty Main prizes were associated with several lottery tickets sold across the provinces and territories. Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 succeeded in sprinkling some prizes across Alberta, as a group of Lotto MAX fans became eligible for a CA$1 million payout.

Groups of individuals often participate in lottery gaming, as they feel like sharing the experience with more fans gives them a greater chance of bagging the Main prize or another larger payout. A group of 18 individuals hailing from Brooks, Alberta recently became eligible for one of the additional prizes coming with a Lotto MAX ticket.

18 WCLC Winners

The Maxmillions prize coming with every Lotto MAX draw will change the lives of those players. Each of them is about to receive an equal slice of the CA$1,000,000 prize, as Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed. Redemptor Progreso was the individual purchasing the ticket, as well as the one who found out the group is a winner. He told them the good news, but they could not believe.

Mr. Progreso pointed out that his friends thought he was making a joke by telling them they are millionaires now. The lucky purchase was made at Red Basket Food Store in Brooks and it should be noted that the retail location would also bag a percentage of the overall prize. It is eligible for one percent of the CA$1-million payout for selling the ticket in the first place.

At first, Mr. Progreso could not believe his eyes too. There were multiple ticket checks at a nearby retail location where a ticket checker is available. Moreover, he used the Western Canada Lottery Corporation mobile app to scan the ticket once again. The group of Lotto MAX fans is already planning their purchases and the projects they are about to fund with their share of the prize.

Calgary Millionaire

Lotto 6/49 also proved to be among the popular lottery offerings over the past few weeks, as many players made their purchases in the hopes of bagging the Main prize. A Calgary resident recently became eligible for a cash payout of CA$1 million thanks to his Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase. Nazar Yousif is among the latest lottery millionaires of Alberta and this is his first lottery win.

Mr. Yousif stated that he checked the ticket about ten times, scanning it with his mobile app and making sure his eyes were not deceiving him. A 7-Eleven in the 1000 block of New Brighton Drive S.E. is the retail location where the winning ticket had been purchased ahead of the lottery draw.

The store is now eligible for one percent of the CA$1,000,000 prize. The latest millionaire in Calgary managed to bag his prize remotely and he is ready for the upcoming months. For the time being, he has not made particular plans for spending the prize. Purchasing a home might be on the table for him but he said the opportunities are endless at the moment.