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Shorelines Casino Peterborough Stern about Face Masks Policy

Ontario saw the official reopening of as many as 11 casino locations this Monday and this special day was a highly anticipated one for many casino patrons. Shorelines Casino Peterborough was also among those, but it allegedly refused one of its patrons his dying wish to gamble on its premises.

The beginning of this week was an important period for the people interested in in-person gaming in Ontario. Many smaller casinos and gambling halls received permission to relaunch operation following more than half a year of lockdown. The casinos are allowed to reopen with all safety and health protocols intact including face masks at all times. One player was denied the right to enter the casino and gamble.

Face Masks

September 28 saw the brothers Ronald and Robert Reynolds make their way to the casino hotspot of Peterborough for their gaming session for the first time in almost seven months. The premium casino venue relaunched operation with a maximum capacity of 50 individuals at all times and many people were eager to enter and explore everything up for grabs. The two brothers were among those individuals.

However, their plans to gamble and spend some time at the casino venue quickly had to change, as they were denied access at the entrance. The reason for this is that both of them have emphysema and this prevents them from wearing face masks. Their condition is a type of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it causes shortness of breath. This is the reason why neither of them was wearing a face mask upon entering the casino.

It is no secret that the symptoms of the lung condition they have, such as shortness of breath are further aggravated by the face mask making it even harder to breathe. Robert Reynolds said that he has one lung at the moment and an oxygen tank is part of his daily life.

Brothers with Emphysema

The two brothers claim that casino staff members refused to allow them within the casino hotspot and deprived them of their gaming session. Ronald Reynolds said that he had promised his brother to go gambling at Shorelines Casino Peterborough and spend some quality time together while also trying their luck on the slot machines available. Robert Reynolds claims he may have a year left to live.

Peterborough Public Health has specified that respiratory diseases are among the conditions that could exempt an individual from wearing a face mask indoors. However, the casino operator overseeing the gaming venue has the right to deny people access if they refuse to put on a face mask upon entering the casino. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is the casino operator overseeing the gaming facility in Peterborough.

The casino leader pointed out that the health and safety of both patrons and casino staff members are important, which is why wearing face masks is mandatory. In the meantime, the two brothers are determined to defend their position that they have the right to gamble too.