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Empire City Casino Welcomes Back Patrons

Empire City Casino in Yonkers is the latest gaming hotspot to launch operation following the green light that the government gave earlier this month. About half a year after the mandatory lockdown all across New York State commenced, the gaming hall has now returned to its daily operation under some special conditions.

It could be recalled that Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave his green light to the commercial casinos reopening process that launched on September 9. All eyes were set on that date, as those casinos have been closed over the past nearly six months and the lack of gaming revenue has taken its toll on the state budget. The decision affected both commercial casinos and racinos.


For nearly half a year, these commercial gaming hotspots have remained closed and individuals associated with them had no permission to return to their daily work. In addition to that, people eager to try their luck at commercial casinos were not allowed because of the physical distancing recommendations. Commercial casinos and racinos closely follow the recommendations of the state.

In the meantime, tribal casinos greenlighted their daily operation with limited offerings in the wake of this summer, as they conduct their operation with the help of special compacts with the state government. This gives them the freedom to evaluate the situation themselves and come up with their own conditions and restrictions to be introduced on the premises of their casinos. When it comes to racinos and gambling halls, the waiting game was in progress all summer.

Empire City Casino in Yonkers had to remain closed, as the government had not issued its approval of the reopening of all commercial gaming locations. Once this happened, the venues had the chance to put the final touches on their reopening plans and to greenlight operation. The gaming hall worked on an extensive protocol for its eventual opening this Monday.

Yonkers Raceway

The launch was scheduled at 10 a.m. but there were many individuals ready to try their luck at the premium gaming offerings available inside. The gaming hall is expected to welcome up to 25 percent of its patrons’ capacity, promoting physical distance between the individuals. New York State Government has mandated that gaming halls work at a quarter of their original capacity.

MGM Resorts oversees the operation of this venue and the casino operator has worked on the extensive safety protocols implemented across the gaming hall. All patrons making their way in will be obligated to put their face masks on and keep them for the entirety of their stay. This is expected to protect them and their fellow gaming enthusiasts while they try their luck.

Moreover, they will have to go through a temperature check, as well as answer several questions related to their health. They should keep in mind that for the time being, valet service and bar service won’t be available, promoting their safety. Gaming revenue amassed by the gaming hall will propel Yonkers Raceway which relaunched live races sans spectators back in June.