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Resorts World Casino NYC Brings Online Concerts, Giveaways

Resorts World Casino New York City is ready to make the social distancing even more exciting for its patrons and people affiliated, as it would bring live entertainment closer to them. May 1 is about to see the official launch of online live streams featuring renowned artists such as George LaMond and Jury Torres. Fans are expected to make their way to the social media channels of the casino hotspot.

Social distancing is a recommended practice right now, as it aims to protect players’ health. It also allows them to explore various pastime activities now that they actually have the time to do so and many people have found their new hobby. The free time could also be enhanced with live streams and more music than ever.

Online Excitement

Resorts World Casino New York City is aware of the need for connection and live music in people’s lives which is what sparked the conversation regarding live performances online. The first day of May is about to bring the official beginning of a tradition that would keep individuals glued to their computer screens. This would keep them entertained for hours and make the social distancing a less lonely period of time.

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is crucial, but there are other forms of social gatherings that could also make the period a more special one. May 1 is about to bring the first live performance by George LaMond, who is about to perform some of his greatest hits to the likes of “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Que Te Vas”. Along with him, players are going to enjoy the enchanting nature of Judy Torres.

She is about to perform the critically acclaimed hits “No Reason to Cry”, “Please Stay Tonight” and many more. All casino fans and people from near and far are invited to enjoy the live performance streamed on social media and party in their home.

Live Events Starting Friday

WCBS “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi is about to be the moderator of this first live stream and all viewers would be able to enjoy his live commentary on the performances and everything happening in the world right now. Everyone interested in listening to their favorite artists would also have the chance to ask them a question during the special Q&A session part of this live stream.

This is expected to make the experience even more personal, as performers would be able to reveal more about themselves. The special online event is about to draw people together at 8 p.m. and last for about an hour this Friday. Individuals interested are invited to celebrate the end of the workweek in the comfort of their home.

Upcoming weeks are expected to bring more of this type of entertainment. Resorts World Casino New York City made it clear that the casino hotspot is going to bring many giveaways, promotions, legendary groups, and notable artists down the road, making the weeks to come even more exciting. Having something to look forward to would lift the spirits of many fans.