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ASEAN Gaming Summit Returns Next Year

ASEAN Gaming Summit is one of the pivotal gaming congregations for like-minded people all across Asia and the globe. Its fourth edition was supposed to take place on September 22 and span all the way to September 24, with several previous postponements. Ultimately, the gaming summit is bound to happen in the second quarter of 2021.

The key gaming summit was first supposed to take place back in March, as it has been the case for three years now. The dates in question were March 26 till March 27. However, just like every year, thousands of delegates were supposed to make their way to the convention and this might have been impossible for some of them.

Second Quarter of 2021

The uncertain situation and the potential disruptions of flights were taken into account. Mid-February, Asia Gaming Brief made it clear that upon thorough consideration, the gaming congregation of like-minded people would have to take place in the summer months of 2020. The dates highlighted for this first postponement were July 28 until July 30.

The venue preparing to welcome all people interested in learning more regarding the Asian gaming scene and hear some projections was going to be the Shangri La At-The-Fort in Manila. This remained the case until the summer months approached and a new postponement had to be announced, this time for the fall months. September 22 was supposed to see the official launch of the gaming summit and attract representatives to Manila.

As it has been officially confirmed this would not be the case, as the fourth edition of the ASEAN Gaming Summit is expected to take place in the second half of 2021. It will fuse the best of both worlds – provide an in-person experience for the people in Asia while also supporting digital attendees with enhanced content and tons of information available online. More than 400 operators are projected to participate.

What’s Up for Grabs

Now that it is clear that the gaming congregation would not take place in 2020, the preparation of its fourth edition next year has commenced and it is in full swing. This hybrid event will introduce both a physical conference for the people in the region and exclusive content available online for the attendees unable to make their way to Manila in time.

It will also once again aim to fuse the two worlds of land-based gaming action and online gaming offerings, the two sides of one coin seeking excitement and chances of winning big. The gaming hotspot will bring more information on the constantly changing global gaming world and the ways in which a gaming leader could stay competitive and protect their spot as a premium partner.

Moreover, the ASEAN Gaming Summit is also going to provide networking opportunities for the people seeking a challenge and a brand new venture. Some of the topics that will be discussed during the fourth edition will be Future of Philippines Gaming and Development, Attracting Key Visitor Markets Including China and Korea, Cashless Technology, and e-Wallets, as well as Esports, Mobile Gaming, and Gen Z Trends.