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The 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit Awards Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit in Edmonton took place this week and gave recognition to some of the most accomplished individuals within the gaming industry. It reflects both the commercial and First Nations gaming, awarding all achievements.

John Dominelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer of NRT Technology received the 2019 Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award. This week was a special one, as it brought the annual congregation of everyone who is anyone in the Canadian gaming industry.

Individuals that have worked hard over the past twelve months received the honor of bagging an award and seeing that their efforts pay off. Such motivation is enough to bring out the best in people and propel the local field. Just like every other year, this one gave everyone what they deserve, featuring both commercial and tribal gaming.

Gaming Congregation Praise Achievements

Usually, within the lines of the gaming summit taking place in Edmonton, Alberta the Canadian Gaming Industry Awards took place. An individual from the commercial casino field receives their prize for their leadership sense, as well as the various ways in which they could improve the Canadian gaming industry in general.

Two decades ago the awards saw their first ceremony and ever since then their success has only grown. This year the coveted by many Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award went to John Dominelli, founder and CEO of NRT Technology.

He received this appraisal for the years of contributions to the gaming field and the innovation brought to life with his help. Ever since 1993 when the company was founded, he has worked towards bringing something new to both the lottery and the casino sectors. The company has set the tone for the entire industry with its integrated ticket redemption and cash access kiosks and payment services.

Throughout the years, its influence has spread across brick-and-mortar casino venues, lottery retail locations, as well as ATM operators around the globe. Acquisitions have also boosted the overall success of NRT Technologies, spanning across five locations worldwide.

First Nation Members Bag Awards

Within the structure of the gaming summit, First Nations overseeing casino operation also had the opportunity to feel proud of their accomplishments. For the 10th year in a row, the Annual First Nation Gaming Awards increased the temperature and praised First Nations individuals directly involved in the casino field of Canada. First Nation Canadian Gaming Community Service Award marked the first category of the ceremony.

Tracey Aginas received it for her ongoing efforts dedicated to the Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation and its improvement through the years. First Nation Canadian Gaming Lifetime Achievement Award was the second category highlighting achievements across the tribal gaming field. John Blair Morin was the individual who received for his decades of efforts towards better days for the local casino field.

He started as a Blackjack dealer at The Place Casino in Edmonton and put in work to make it to the Board of Directors of the River Cree Resort & Casino. Mr. Morin is renowned for launching the first tribal casino venue in the province, as well as a school for casino dealers.

The Awards also featured a First Nation Canadian Gaming Employee of the Year Award bagged by Rob Commanda and First Nation Canadian Gaming Leadership Award won by Lise Kwekkeboom. Both individuals are part of the Casino Rama Resort structure.