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Lawyers Defend City of Greater Sudbury, Gateway Casinos in Court

Kingsway Entertainment District was once again a topic of discussion in the Superior Court, as this Tuesday heard the second portion of the conversation. The trial in Sudbury welcomed statements coming from the City of Greater Sudbury, as well as Gateway Casinos & Entertainment in response to the previous allegations against them. With this, the proceedings have concluded.

This week was a special one of the controversial entertainment zone project and for the region as a whole, as this legal battle could bring resolution to the ongoing debate. Monday saw the allegations coming from one of the main opponents of a casino venue within the borders of the entertainment zone, Tom Fortin. Tuesday saw the response coming from the City of Sudbury.

Court Battle Online

In response to the allegations, Tom Halinski had some facts to point out. This is the lawyer representing the City of Greater Sudbury in this legal battle. Mr. Halinski remained certain that there is no ground for the complaints and allegations that have been made this Monday. The lawyer stated that the city has never shown bias in relation to Kingsway Entertainment District, opposing the allegations Mr. Fortin made.

Mr. Halinski presented a response amounting to upwards of 2,000 pages, making it clear that there was no bias shown. Sworn affidavits and various documents striving to further solidify this were presented. The Superior Court heard the lawyer dismiss all allegations that city officials acted in bad faith and demonstrated inclination or prejudice for the special entertainment zone. Physical distance is mandatory at the moment, so the trial takes place online.

The video conference makes it possible for all parties involved to safely participate in the hearings. Individuals interested in everything happening also have the chance to learn more about the trial and watch it live online via YouTube. However, this second day in a row saw some hiccups when it came to the live stream.

Ruling Expected before September

The trial itself saw some delays, the streaming on YouTube was also slow to start. The Superior Court also heard from Richard Swan, the lawyer representing Gateway Casinos. He pointed out that on several consecutive years, the city council has given its nod to the special project. The decision was also unanimously made, further proving the positive impact Kingsway Entertainment District would have on the region, as Mr. Swan stated.

It could be recalled that the fall months of 2019 witnessed Mr. Fortin take matters to court, filing evidence suggesting that the City of Greater Sudbury showed bias when it gave its approval to the special zone project including a casino venue. The local businessman sought justice in court.

The approval for this move was given in April 2018 and this was when a couple of bylaws made it possible for the entertainment project to feature a casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. Now it is time for the Superior Court to issue its decision, but for the time being no date has been revealed. Projections are that it would be issued ahead of the fall months.