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North Bay Paves Way for Cascades Casino Roadwork

Cascades Casino North Bay is about to have its impact on the area, as the City of North Bay is currently seeking an expert that could reshape Lakeshore Drive and Pinewood Park Drive to facilitate traffic to and fro the casino complex. This would make it possible for the casino patrons to travel around without putting pressure on traffic in the area.

Improvements are about to cover a portion of the road between Ferris Drive and past Decaire Road, making it possible for the individuals to travel to Cascades Casino North Bay without making life harder for the people in the area. April 14 saw the City Council request an environmental assessment of the roadwork expected to happen over the upcoming months.

Next Spring Could See Launch

Projections right now show that the new casino complex could take its toll on the existing infrastructure by bringing more people to this particular area of North Bay. Congestion is not something local officials want to see happening in the future, which is why the conversation regarding infrastructural improvements launched late last year.

The roundabout projected to be constructed next year is expected to cost some CA$3 million. The price would be shared between the city coffers and Gateway Casinos. The casino operator is projected to pour some CA$746,000 in the construction of a left-turn lane making it possible for patrons to reach the complex. This would make it possible for the area to reduce traffic jams, as the casino operation could result in 195 new trips made to Cascades Casino North Bay.

Moreover, the City Council is also going to introduce a speed limit to the casino complex area. A speed limit of 60 km/h in the vicinity of the future casino venue is projected to minimize risks of accidents and unfortunate events involving vehicles making their way to the casino venue or individuals walking in the area. The improvements would not be ready ahead of the official launch of the casino.

Roadwork to Take 12 Months

May 11 is about to see the last chance of submissions filing in relation to the consultant that would take care of the redesigning of the area. It should be taken into account that the unprecedented situation across the province and the world would not impact the pace of work in the area.

City Communications Officer Gord Young made it clear that planning on Lakeshore and Pinewood Park drives would still continue. Next spring is expected to see the launch of construction, only once the planning and designing have been completed and approved. The project would also have to receive a nod for funding, making the process a hassle-free one. Projections are that it could take up to a year to be completed.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator that would oversee daily operation at the CA$31.1-million casino hotspot. Some 5.25 percent of the first CA$65 million in gaming revenue is going to be bagged by the host community in order to support various projects it has in the works. This agreement was arranged with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation back in March.