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Unprecedented Situation Cancels, Reschedules Shows across Ontario

The upcoming months might bring some of the most uneventful weeks for everyone in the Windsor-Essex area, as the current situation has changed plans for good. Locals eager to make their way to a live performance or a highly-anticipated festival would have to wait until the summer months, as social distancing is the recommended practice right now.

Many live shows and events had to be canceled or postponed because of the current turbulence not only in the region but on a worldwide scale too. Individuals might see it as a great disappointment but they should also keep in mind that all measures eye their protection and health. Today we are going to go through some of the events that would have to happen later on in the summer, as well as the canceled ones.

Live Shows Postponed

The region of Windsor-Essex was bracing for a busy spring and summer of 2020, but the dynamically changing situation made it clear that this would not be the case. The Pelee Island Unplugged Music Festival was supposed to take place on August 14 and August 15, but as it was confirmed recently by the organizers of the event, it would have to be canceled.

The live congregation of people willing to listen to their favorite music is not expected to happen within this year. The organizers of the music festival hope it would return in 2021 for a grand edition of the event. This cancelation is also expected to make the event more appealing to an even larger number of individuals.

The festival is a non-profit one overseen by volunteers seeking more entertainment possibilities at Pelee Island for the seventh year in a row. Now that the two-day event has been canceled, the organizers would have the chance to save money and make its 2021 edition even better, as Cathy Miller, festival chairperson, confirmed. Caesars Windsor is another entertainment hotspot that would see a change of plans.

Late Summer and Fall See Live Events

The first event that would have to take place later this year is the live performance coming from Pitbull. Mr. Worldwide is about to electrify the crowd of enthusiasts on June 25 and the new date has been confirmed. Any changes in the schedule would once again be announced in a timely manner. Sebastian Maniscalco is another performer that would make his way to Caesars Windsor later than initially projected.

His show would make July 8, 9, and 10 special time period for the locals. Due to popular demand, the stand-up comedian is about to have three nights of the show. Tony Bennett’s live performance would also have to take place on September 3. A day later, on September 4, Styx would have their live show to everyone’s delight.

Jason Derulo is about to have his live event taking place on September 11 and many locals have already expressed their desire to attend it live. There are some live shows that have yet to see a new date announced. Those are the shows of Bill Burr, Loverboy as well as the live performance of George Thorogood. Upcoming weeks are about to see more details around them.