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OLG Brags about Casino Cash Fueling Casino Host Communities

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is able to support its host communities in various ways and on a regular basis, to support its local projects and fuel it for more development. The City of Greater Sudbury recently bagged some CA$2 million as the gaming revenue allocation the city is eligible for thanks to the Gateway Casinos Sudbury operation. This support would go towards infrastructural improvements and local projects.

Gaming venues are able to support their host communities in various ways, making the general area a more interesting and attractive place to be. In addition to that, casinos and gaming venues are also capable of supporting the local employment market with hundreds of new job positions created ahead of their official launch. The City of Greater Sudbury could confirm that.

Benefits of Gaming Venues

This week was a special one for the area, as it saw yet another regular allocation coming from the Crown corporation overseeing the slots venue. It amounted to CA$2 million in gaming revenue coming from the people that have engaged in gaming activities at the Sudbury Downs location.

The allocation is able to reach the city coffers thanks to the existing revenue-sharing agreement inked ahead of the gambling venue launch. It is a standard set of rules that ensures that a percentage of the slot machines revenue would eventually be making its way to the city coffers and then be reinvested in the community. The City of Greater Sudbury has managed to bag upwards of CA$42 million as a result of the gaming venue operation.

Back in the days, this venue used to be called OLG Slots at Sudbury Downs and this was before the sweeping modernization process Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation launched. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator currently overseeing this gaming location. The venue welcomed its first customers in 2001 and ever since then the city has received CA$42 million.

Gaming Revenue Reinvested

Some of the projects that have been fueled by the recent allocation were the road improvements on Lorne Street, as well as the roof replacements of the Dowling leisure building. The Howard Armstrong Recreation Center was also subjected to a similar upgrade, while the Azilda and Hanmer landfill areas were also improved. This week was also special for the City of Belleville, as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation offered it a helping hand.

The Community Recognition Event took place this week and Belleville was able to once again welcome the support coming from the casino venue. This event saw Mayor Mitch Panciuk, Andy LaCroix, executive director, stakeholder relations-Ontario for Great Canadian Gaming. The event itself has the main goal of recognizing all the support the Crown corporation has shown towards the host community.

Along with that, the City of Belleville was able to learn everything achieved with casino revenue funds. Bell Boulevard was widened last year, along with the reconstruction of Maitland Drive. Stanley Park was another area welcoming improvements fueled by casino cash. The Children’s Safety Village, Grace Inn Shelter, Community Development Council, Canadian Mental Health Association, the Warming Centre and Quinte Hospice were also benefitting from the Shorelines Casino.