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Belleville Reveals Improvement Plans Fueled by Casino Cash

The City of Belleville wants to maintain a level of transparency when it comes to the way it invests casino cash in its community. Now that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issued details on the gaming revenue allocations it has sent back to the host community, one of them wants to ensure people that all money would go for good causes and local projects. The largest portion of this financial support would go for infrastructural improvements.

Every casino host community is able to benefit from the operation of a gambling venue within its borders, as a sort of compensation for the increased risks. Problem gambling programs implemented within the community are one way for it to reduce the potential harm a gambling venue might have. Gaming revenue allocations are another added benefit.

Casino Cash Allocation

Thanks to the Municipal Contribution Agreement, every host community is eligible for a percentage of the gaming revenue generated by the casino complex. Belleville recently bagged its payment for the third quarter of the fiscal 2019 and there are many local projects this amount of money would support. Transparency is a must nowadays and local officials are aware.

Shorelines Casino is the casino venue preferred by the locals and it has been offering its gaming activities ever since the beginning of 2017. The third quarter of this fiscal year managed to witness a total of CA$835,503 adding up to the existing allocations bagged by the city coffers. This is of substantial support.

Shorelines Casino Belleville launched operation about three years ago and ever since then it has amassed some CA$9 million for the local programs battling problem gambling, as well as the programs seeking infrastructural improvement. Following the most recent allocation, the city council wants to shed more light on the ways in which the money would be utilized. Maintenance and rehabilitation of the local infrastructure would attract more than half of the money.

Shorelines Casino Supports Community

Some 65 percent of the CA$835,503 allocation is about to be invested in the improvement of local roads and their maintenance in the upcoming months. Such a move makes sense since they are used on a daily basis by thousands of vehicles. The city council also wants to see an improvement when it comes to its police vehicles and equipment used on a regular basis.

As much as 5 percent of the money would go for the replacement of old ones. Economic development including the waterfront shops is about to bag a 10-percent share of the allocation, similar to the Social Infrastructure Grants. Some of the projects that need to see work this year are the widening of Bell Boulevard, making traveling easier. A new Zamboni for the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre would also have to be purchased.

The City of Belleville also eyes flood prevention measures fueled by the casino cash. Disaster mitigation is about to receive a 5-percent share of the overall financial support. Development infrastructure such as the widening of Bell Boulevard would also need five percent of the gaming revenue allocation. When all is said and done, the area is about to see improvements powered by the casino complex giving back to the host community.