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The Stars Group Experience 24.6 Pct Annual Revenue Surge

The Stars Group recently revealed more regarding the financial performance it has demonstrated over the past 12 months of gaming operation. Its financial report covering the fiscal year 2019 showcased great growth when it comes to the markets of Australia and the UK. A revenue jump amounting to 24.6 percent was reported in comparison to fiscal 2018. In the meantime, EBITDA also experienced a rise of 17.9 percent over the 12 months ending December 31, 2019.

The global gambling market has a lot in store and players have specific preferences linked to their geographical location. A company with global influence should be able to meet all expectations and create its own diversified portfolio that would keep players coming back for more. The year 2019 was a prominent one for The Stars Group.

Fiscal 2019 Overview

According to the information listed in the most recent annual financial report, players hailing from Australia and the UK have been the main engines driving the operation forward. The revenue amassed in the UK over the fiscal 2019 amounted to US$946.7 million which also amounts to an increase reaching 140 percent.

More individuals have been drawn to the wide array of gaming opportunities up for grabs. In the meantime, the EBITDA also saw a swelling of 217.9 percent and met the end of the year with US$324.6 million. One of the main reasons for this surge was the acquisition of Sky Betting and Gaming, further powering the total revenue of The Stars Group. At the end of the day, it amounted to some US$2.52 billion once again marking an increase year-on-year.

It could be recalled that the fiscal 2018 managed to witness a total revenue amounting to US$2.03 billion. As for Australia, the growth there was also impressive. There was a 39.3-percent jump year-on-year to a revenue amounting to US$274.4 million. Sports wagering has been the main driving point of this surge, as the offering is quite popular in the market.

More to Come in 2020

The fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 saw a total revenue of US$687,962 which marks a 5.4-percent surge when compared to Q4 2018. The net earnings generated over the last quarter of the fiscal year amounted to US$81,290 once again marking a steady year-on-year increase. Q4 2018 managed to witness US$38,173 in net earnings, meaning that the increase was a 313-percent one.

As for the international operation of The Stars Group, a drop has been noticed over the past twelve months of operation. The international revenue reached US$1.31 billion or an 8.9-percent decline when compared to the performance over 2018. Poker is among the popular offerings The Stars Group has up for grabs but over the past financial year, the revenue generated by this offering managed to reach US$781.6 million.

The past twelve months of gaming offerings saw the closure of PokerStars Switzerland which also contributed to the international drop in revenue. Spain and Sweden have also experienced rather tough months of operation with changing regulations and uncertainty. The fiscal year 2020 has already commenced and there are projections that it would be a more successful one, as the gaming giant is in the midst of a merger with Flutter Entertainment.