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Loto-Québec Brings Video Slots to Two Leading Casino Venues

Loto-Québec is here to make the gaming experience of its casino patrons even more exciting, as enhanced gaming is expected to keep them coming back for more. Casino locations to the likes of Casino Montréal and Casino Lac-Leamy are about to introduce the brand new video slot machines for a breath of nostalgia coming players’ way. Here is everything that is about to be introduced to the two casino locations.

Players are in for a treat, as they would soon be able to enjoy the traditional video slots they have been seeing in various movies dedicated to gambling, as well as in brick-and-mortar casino locations across the world. Quebec individuals would soon be able to enjoy video slots gaming on the premises of the two venues.

New Games Introduced

Video slots are shaped to resemble the traditional mechanical slot machines and bring the spirit of nostalgia with themselves. The video slots popular nowadays feature five reels of gaming action and are able to meet the players’ expectations in a more efficient manner. All players have to do it slide their initial amount of cash into the bill validator and ensure that they are content with the bet they have set.

This is when gaming action is ready to commence, as it is determined by a random number generator. The representation taking place on the screen makes it all an entertaining experience. One of the main selling points of this type of action is, of course, the bonus action that could be triggered while gaming. Players are in for a treat, as video slot machines bring Free spins and Bonuses.

The Crown corporation overseeing gaming action within the province of Quebec eyes February 27 as the day to bring video slot machines to the two casino venues. Casino Montréal and Casino Lac-Leamy are two of the most popular casino complexes on a provincial level and all eyes are set on the prizes at the end of this week.

Everything Up for Grabs

The space where these devices are about to be introduced is expected to introduce a new concept of gaming, bringing premium materials, modern design, as well as intense interaction with the gaming devices on a daily basis. Several days ahead of the official launch, the Crown corporation revealed more about the games that are going to be introduced to the two casinos.

One of the gaming offerings that is projected to bring forward quite the crowd would be the Cut the Rope 2 slot title. Following the riveting adventures of On Nom, the green main character of this game is about to be one of the highlights. It could be recalled that this game was originally created for smartphones and later on made it to the gambling world. Gem Flux is another gaming offering that would make it possible for players to spend an unlimited amount of time playing.

They are expected to be enchanted by the sparkling gems part of the gameplay. The third title that would be introduced later on this week, is about to be Deal or No Deal Poker intertwining the two popular gaming offerings into one new opportunity. Players are going to experience the popular TV show in a whole new way, seeing it from the perspective of poker action.