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Fewer People Take a Chance on Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

Traditional casino operation and a slots venue one could showcase the different preferences of players in a given region. This parallel is also evident when looking at Shorelines Casino Peterborough and Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently allocated a gaming revenue slice to Peterborough City, part of which goes to Fraserville too.

However, patrons flow at the slots venue has decreased, as confirmed by Orazio Valente, general manager for Kawartha Downs. This week saw long-anticipates gaming revenue allocations coming from casino venues across the province. Their daily operation calls for financial support of the host community at the end of every quarter, as compensation for gaming. With the help of the Municipal Contribution Agreement city coffers are in for a treat on a regular basis.

Patrons Flow Has Decreased

Peterborough recently bagged some C$866,935 for the past three months of casino gaming at Shorelines Casino. The location that launched operation in the fall of 2018 is already a popular destination for players hailing from across the region. Its diverse offerings attract quite the crowd ready to explore something new and gaming offerings they never found in Shorelines Slots Kawartha Downs.

The General Manager of the Fraserville racetrack has the chance to monitor that gaming hall’s performance over the past 12 months. Mr. Valente recently shared his observation claiming a concerning downward direction of customers’ flow. He recently said that fewer people make their way there ever since the casino complex launched operation in Peterborough. Regardless of the number of customers, the location still has to support the local horse-racing field with its allocations.

At the moment there are some 10 slot machines available on the premises of Shorelines Kawartha Downs, only a slice of what it used to feature as gaming potential. The remainder was relocated to the well-rounded casino venue in Peterborough ahead of its opening ceremony in mid-October 2018. Mr. Valente could not talk numbers, as the revenue information is issued by OLG’s financial reports.

Cavan Monaghan Township Relies on Allocations

It could be recalled that the last days of April saw Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issue a fourth-quarter payment for CA$81,059 to Cavan Monaghan Township for the slots hall operation. The past fiscal year resulted in contribution reaching CA$1,692,634 for the Township, an amount that is used for various roadworks, beautification work, as well as support for local organizations.

Back in November 1999, the racetrack slots hall welcomed its first patrons as OLG Slots at Kawartha Downs and since then it has supported the community with upwards of CA$60.1 million in non-tax gaming contributions. One of the ways in which the racetrack gaming facility could see customers increase is via the increased live race dates – this year they are 21.

The month of July, brought Kawartha Downs’ 47th year of operation and celebrations were in order. Fraserville saw a grand birthday party on Saturday, July 13, and everyone is invited to share the joy of the birthday party. Earlier this year, Kawartha Downs racetrack’s owner inked a deal with Romspen Investments Corporation following years of controversy and insecurity and the new management took over.